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  1. Cybertruck Dual Motor Acceleration boost

    I wasn’t implying real world fast and furious racing. It’s more bragging rights and the thrill of flooring it on a long highway, on-ramp, remote road etc.
  2. Cybertruck Dual Motor Acceleration boost

    Agreed. CyberBeast is making sure you don’t get beat by Rivian unlike CT AWD
  3. Not shocked by CT pricing.

    You are not alone. However, many arguments are made on this forum on how Tesla is not in it for the profits and this is supposed to be a truck for everyone with rainbows and unicorns.
  4. 80(+) Inches Wide?

    Good explanation. However, the TRX is 88 inches wide. Width needs to include widest points across the body, including fenders (the larger wheels go right up to the edge of these flares, anyhow) but not mirrors/or mirrors folded in
  5. 80(+) Inches Wide?

    The Tesla website says the cyber truck is 86.5 inches wide with mirrors folded in. This is very wide in general and for comparison is about the same as a Ford raptor and even the first generation military Hummer H1. Most full-size pick ups are about 80 inches wide. The ram TRX is the widest that...
  6. Convince me to get the Cyberbeast...

    If you have your superstar fix like in your case, it’s probably not worth it If I was to guess the differences, it would probably compare performance, or plaid diffs, which MAY include: Brakes Wheels/tires Badging/color An aero/spoiler feature just guessing
  7. Convince me to get the Cyberbeast...

    I’d suggest asking yourself if you like fast cars? Have you ever driven a car that does sub three second 0 to 60? At 2.6 seconds. This is considered supercar territory in a full-size truck. You’ll see some of the test videos out right now on YouTube where they are drag racing the truck and the...
  8. With recent cancellations, I hope the Beast CT preorders shrink drastically

    Is this assuming first units are all Beast? We don’t know what config will be made first do we?
  9. RWD $60.9K vs. $59.9K

    Interesting that it didn’t come in $1K less to be sub $60K like the other trims. Thoughts as to why? Are the margins that tight on the RWD?
  10. Range Extender Battery Pack increases range to 470+ miles and costs $16K 🔋

    So will a pair of snow skis fit in the bed with the range extender? Is their room on top of it and still close the vault?
  11. Cybertruck Delivery Event LIVE STREAM Link & Viewing Party! 🥳 -- Post photos, reactions & comments 💬

    Funny and sad. For those that can’t admit when they’re wrong. So do we now have to endure hundreds of posts on “when prices drop…”?
  12. I predict many Cybertruck refund requests

    I would agree. Now more so than ever, especially with the price points thatve now been established.
  13. But I can sleep in my model x

    I guess it just depends what your expectations are for a truck. If you wanna sleep in it, you can get a camper for the bed or tow one. But I do agree this could’ve been a new cool feature that is not traditionally associated with your pick up truck. I had a minimum would’ve liked to see the...
  14. Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    Yep, Rivian up today as well
  15. Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    OK. I read it as you were trying to justify the price increase of the CT. It sounds like you can afford it and if you want it, you should get it. My 2 cents. / thoughts Congratulations on 23 years! We just had our 25 year☺️
  16. Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    No offense intended. you ended your post with “Thoughts” Maybe I misunderstood “Thoughts” as a statement instead of a question That’s what I gave you. My thoughts based on experience that’s worked well for me: listening to my financial planner and wife
  17. Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    If/When it gets affordable they won’t need a deposit.
  18. Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    Of course it is. Tesla has dropped prices like no other, upsetting many owners and making cost of ownership very high due to the depreciation (which is the #1 cost in vehicle ownership)
  19. Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    My spot in line is within the first 1000 units Let’s agree, then that my advice is if you can’t afford it and want your money back get it now. Your advice is leave your money in. two different points of view don’t take it personally My pov has just as much insight and inside information as...
  20. Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    You are the one telling people not to take their money out. basically giving unsolicited advice on what to do with their money. I am simply highlighting TO YOU that people may want their deposit back because the $40,000 vehicle they were hoping for is $80,000. I am a day one minute one...