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  1. pricedm

    67% of non-reservation holders surveyed say no to CT most people haven't see a Cybertruck IN PERSON and so it's easy to say: pass. But--once these are on the road, in numbers like Rivians, I think a lot of people who had no intention of buying will be attracted to the look, the tech, the performance, and above all, the utility. Heck...
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    Snow packed headlights - Jason Cammisa

    12/3 Colorado northern mountains had a significant snow storm. I’m going to pull dashcam videos of my drive over Berthoud pass (11,306 ft) on a new thread. LEDs and no vehicle waste heat is an issue for lighting, front and more so rear. Rivian’s recessed headlights is unfortunately a massive...
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    Heat pump, battery size, Class 2b division (light-duty pickup) classification confirmed in EPA Cybertruck documents

    Test Date 11/02/2023 Verify Test Lab ID Tesla Kato Mfr Test Group Comments Dummy submission for Cybertruck Beast for EPA COC Carline 13 - Cybertruck Beast Represented Test Vehicle Model Cybertruck Beast Curb Weight 6,898 GVWR 9,169 Vehicle...
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    Since the release all I can think about is the Cybertruck.

    to the " bed is too short" crowd, what curretly available vehicle meets your needs? Seems like a van, like Sprinter 170 wheelbase, either standard length (165 interior cargo) or extended length, is the way to haul long stuff if it needs to be fully enclosed. Why?
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    Since the release all I can think about is the Cybertruck.

    12/2. Sales staff said-- "can't let people in...Cybertruck is locked...belongs to engineering team...don't know..." I think every Cybertruck on display is going to be a cleaning headache for the sales staff, once the masses are allowed in.
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    Since the release all I can think about is the Cybertruck.

    I went to Tesla Littleton, Colorado service center to see the Cybertruck. Model 3 looks so small in comparison. As others have said, the scale of the Cybertruck is imposing, substantial, and at the same time—just right. I’m not surprised the cost of the dual motor is same as dual motor X. So...
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    BaseCamp Tent info/specs/pics from Cybertruck Accessories Engineer ⛺️

    FYI Roybi has a low pressure battery operated hand-held compressor. I finally understand what the pump pictured in the rear under-seat storage is for: tent inflation.
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    I predict many Cybertruck refund requests

    "Edmunds shows that the average MSRP for the full-size truck segment is $65,158 and $76,281 for heavy-duty trucks." Cybertruck dual motor price and range is very similar to Rivian R1T dual motor. Let's see what Chevy can do with thier Silverado EV. Need to tow highly un-aerodynamic trailer...
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    Poll: What aspect of CT Are you Unhappy With

    Say what???? RIvian R1T dual motor $73K plust $6k for 300-340 mile range aka Large battery pack. So Rivian in this config is basically same range and same price as dual motor Cybertruck. Cybertruck Dual motor $79,990 less $7,500 federal tax credit point of sale 1/1/2024 onwards = $72,490...
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    Poll: What aspect of CT Are you Unhappy With

    "Other" Delivery not soon enough!!! The dual motor version is priced the same as the Model X. No surprise--both are similar: range, interesting tech, unique. Price of the dual motor Cybertruck at $80k is the same as Rivian R1T with "road" wheels and base "LA Silver" paint. Range is similar...
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    Cybertruck Delivery Event LIVE STREAM Link & Viewing Party! 🥳 -- Post photos, reactions & comments 💬

    Before you delete your X account, I highly recommend to everyone watch the full (almost 90 minute) interview of Elon. Lots of good info and discussion.
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    Grab handles above the doors? Would you guys miss not having grab handles above the doors?

    While there are benefits to JC handles, they also present a risk in crashes. Tesla is all about safety, hence no fixed/protruding JC handles on the A pillar.
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    172 KWH / 500 miles range based on forbidden video

    100% agree with this! Lucid needs to see the big picture: more EVs = more choices and faster adoption and phase-out of liquid-fuel vehicles.
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    172 KWH / 500 miles range based on forbidden video

    This is the approx 112 kWh (usable) battery. Specs from Yes, its a lot more money than a Model X plus a Model Y; I can buy both Teslas in Colorado for around $105k after tax credits. But the range is appealing. Two weeks to Cybertruck specs!
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    172 KWH / 500 miles range based on forbidden video

    Or do it with Lucid's approach: highly efficient components like the motos, inverters, and battery architecture. The range achieved with the Lucid Air and battery size is impressive. If Lucid achieves stated metrics for the Gravity, that' would be a huge industry benchmark. Details from the...
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    Tesla Accomplishes Unlimited Range! Cybertruck Gas Model!

    If you need to tow long distance, this seems like a good temporary (3-8 years...?) solution. There's also a huge need for RV travel trailers, cargo trailers, etc. to put aerodynamic efficiency as design principle #1. Hopefully Tesla Semi has an impact on long-range non-commercial towing...
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    Tesla Accomplishes Unlimited Range! Cybertruck Gas Model!

    That's a good Halloween costume.
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    Cyberquad Available!! (for your kid)

    Agree on the traditional selling model and its inherent problems.... FYI Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic $40K instock, Pueblo, CO. I didn't look at what options are included for the price increase from 37,500 stock. I priced one out around $45k. For farm/ranch use, as much as I would like an...
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    Cyberquad Available!! (for your kid)

    Great the Cyberquad is back but unfortunately "Seat support spring removed" which means no suspension on the rear axle. Ok for an urban environment but not so good for rural/off road. Oh, wait...that's the excuse I was looking for to buy the Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic (ignoring wait list/order...