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  1. bdmridgeback

    Retro Cybertruck spotted at local car show

    My dad was at a local car show in Michigan and sent me a text stating he got to see one of the first Cybertrucks....
  2. bdmridgeback

    I want to get out of Bitcoin and buy TSLA stock....easiest way?

    I have some Bitcoin I've had for years, still not at a loss on it but hovering just above and want to buy Tesla stock now. What would be my best approach to doing this. My Bitcoin is all in Coinbase at the moment. I've used Robinhood in the past and have account set up. Aside from that, need...
  3. bdmridgeback

    Early reservation available

    My lease on my current vehicle wasn't up until the end of this year so I was hoping to be able to make it till my lease was up but there were some complications in the lease by the dealership they screwed up my account and we decided to turn the lease in today and I bought a new Chevy Silverado...
  4. bdmridgeback

    This may answer your "no side mirrors" ???'s

    I know this isn't directly a Cybertruck video but this is where other manufacturers, in this case, Honda, is going with the no side mirror design. Watch this video and notice the side mounted cameras in the mirror locations, and the video displays on the ends of the dash to see the rear view in...