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  1. Charging with trailer

    I’m sure this is also a problem for Rivian and will be for everyone, but are we going to need to disconnect anything we pull everything time we charge the CT, especially considering you back in to charge. I imagine for S3XY cars pulling something now you need to do the same, but they typically...
  2. Can't find original reservation email

    So after 3 years of waiting I wanted to see again (yeah, torturing myself) my spot in line, but can't find my reservation. Anyone that's better organized that me please reply with the email title of your reservation. Thanks! I'm concerned because "cybertruck reservation" doesn't find it
  3. Wrapping tonneau cover

    Like many people I plan to wrap my CT once it’s in my driveway. I’m thinking a matte black would look pretty cool. even though the body will be easier to wrap than a car due to less curves, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to (or want to) wrap the tonneau cover pieces. My first thought is will...
  4. Massachusetts

    Hey all, might as well start a chat for Mass. I’m looking forward to hopefully having the most unique truck up in the north shore.