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  1. CactusPilot

    Poll - Cybertrcuk Reservation

    Now that we know the pricing..I'm curious about your decisions.
  2. CactusPilot

    1 hour to Go! What are you doing right now?

    It's 5 O'clock somewhere..
  3. CactusPilot

    Finally paid off M3P just in time for Cybertruck!

    Felt great to payoff my M3P. Just in time for the Cybertruck. I'm around 12k in line! Should have seen the look I got from the teller at my credit union when I said "I like to payoff my Tesla" :)
  4. CactusPilot

    Jeda warning - stay away

    Buyer beware. Jeda use to be reliable..I’ve purchased a few items from them in the past..but will not be using them in the future. Back in January (2023), I purchased a wireless charger for my wife’s birthday. I have tried reaching out a few times. I received an email stating they are waiting...
  5. CactusPilot

    Santa's Message

    Someone that came down our chimney is tired of waiting too? He Re- arranged NOEL :)