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  1. Email received: Cybertruck reservation holders asked to buy something else "while you wait"?

    I got the same slap in the face email, RN 1124, sub 1000 according to the tracker
  2. I predict many Cybertruck refund requests

    it's true normal cars depreciate over time, but normal cars don't have a CEO that needs to make numbers so he slashes the price of new vehicles 10k occasionally which immediately depreciates the value of your car even more quickly.
  3. Has anyone been able to do anything new on the Tesla site?

    we got nothing, I spoke negatively about the event on reddit and I was banned for 30 days from the cybertruck subreddit. the delivery event delivered 10 vehicles, and now everything on the website says "2024" so, I suppose they built 10 for delivery, and then we just sit around and wait for the...
  4. Cybertruck Delivery Event LIVE STREAM Link & Viewing Party! 🥳 -- Post photos, reactions & comments 💬

    I would be so mad if I were one of those people that flew to Austin even without tickets just to be around for it, expecting something amazing. what a let down.
  5. Cybertruck Production Line First Look!! 🙀

    reservation <1000 and I haven't been contacted, I'm concerned my order number is meaningless
  6. Cybertruck delivery event a flop? (Rolling stone with the knives out!)

    I dunno, I read it, everything seems pretty accurate, if not through a poo colored lens. Those of us with day one reservations keep getting pushed back and pushed back while other manufacturers announce and build, and deliver their trucks. everything in the article is factual, I'm just hoping...
  7. Tesla Support

    Tesla service is why I was so excited to unload my model 3. Just an absolute horrific experience every time. I was hoping they improved, doesn't look like it.
  8. First Day Orders -- what's the date of email with your reservation number?

    I did not get an email from the initial preorder, but I did get an email when I changed to the full self driving when Elon said that would lock the price in
  9. Will MSRP’s and trim levels be revealed in configuration e-mails or Tesla announcement?

    It is promising to see that the first quarter was over 1000 deliveries of model 3. My reservation number is <1000 so I'm looking at being one of the first to receive the truck. Even if they do a regional roll out, I'll be in the first group for sure.
  10. Will MSRP’s and trim levels be revealed in configuration e-mails or Tesla announcement?

    While the data points from previous rollouts are interesting, they don't take one thing into account, Covid... as well as world wide inflation. My HVAC broke in 2018 and it was 5000 to replace. My grandmothers much smaller house currently needs a new HVAC unit and we were just quoted 11500 to...
  11. First reservation (after Elon) is for Jerome Guillen?

    My order number is <1000 so I'll let you all know when it arrives