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  1. CactusPilot

    Cybertruck v Lamborghini Urus: DRAG RACE

    Is it due to the braking limitation that the Beast is limited to 130mph? Freaking, Sandy missed the opertunity to ask so many more useful questions from Elon.
  2. CactusPilot

    Best Gas Generator for Cybertruck range extender??

    Just be advised, using a gas generator is possible, but can be tricky. TESLA cars are very power sensitive and the generator needs to be properly grounded or you can do the “Ground Neutral Bond” hack. Your mileage will vary, depending on your generator. Many videos on this topic on YT…here is...
  3. CactusPilot

    What if ALL 1+mil reservation holders Twix'd Elon?

    When I bought my 2018 Model 3 performance..the price was reduced by 5K..a lot of people complained, including me......Tesla actually sent me a check for $5000! So it's possible!
  4. CactusPilot

    Poll - Cybertrcuk Reservation

    Now that we know the pricing..I'm curious about your decisions.
  5. CactusPilot

    Still don't know if cab-bed window opens

    Already Confirmed ..Does not open!
  6. CactusPilot

    Will FSD price at preorder be honored?

    If TESLA was smart (and they are) they would INCLUDE FSD with their top models to make up for the huge price increase and it would also help maintain Cybertruck pre-orders! Many repeat customers already paid for FSD and already have it..TESLA should also allow FSD transfer. Everyone should...
  7. CactusPilot

    1 hour to Go! What are you doing right now?

    It's 5 O'clock somewhere..
  8. CactusPilot

    265 mi range at 90% shown in demo Cybertruck driven by Marques Brownlee MKBHD

    The idea of trailers and campers with batteries and motors are coming to life..check out pebble!
  9. CactusPilot

    Genius - Cyberweek!!

    In my opinion, the launch event should have been held ON Cyber Monday. Opertunity missed...I'm still excited though to finally see some "numbers".
  10. CactusPilot

    Rumor: reservation numbers starting with "112" will be delivered relatively quickly.

    11,247th in line 1, minute 1 reservation..2018 Model 3P owner. I will bypass for the Beast mode version, or the 500m version..which ever that is offered first. Rn112755347
  11. CactusPilot

    CT Order

    Reservation began at 112744100. So not sure about the validity of this post.
  12. CactusPilot

    Just realized

    Lol..I’m seeing the Cyber design in everything..including this pill cutter I had to order for my father..
  13. CactusPilot

    Cybertruck Shows Off Crab Walk at GFTX!

    Chevy spoted doing the same..
  14. CactusPilot

    Halloween Cybertruck All Spookied Out in Palo Alto! 🎃

    Sorry, but this is the best Halloween truck I've seen..
  15. CactusPilot

    Sale of Cybertruck Ordering Position

    My two favorite quotes..."Coffins don't have pockets"! And "You never see a Uhaul following a hearse" Buy the truck and enjoy it!..sell the other cars. Also, the full self driving will most likely prolong your driving privileges if you are "up there" in age...I had to take the keys away from...
  16. CactusPilot

    Sentry Mode Cyber Owl Screen seen in parked Cybertruck

    I like the original owel myself.
  17. CactusPilot

    CyberBeer + CyberStein + CyberOpener hits Tesla Shop! 🛒 🛍️

    Cyber Beer hmmmm....I have the Cyber Whistle, bottle opener, the Taquila, the NOT a Flamethrower, a Model 3P and a Y. First day reservation holder..what's missing?