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  1. Cybr on

    Carbon fiber BAW?

    How would you like a carbon fiber BAW? Aptera is thinking of going with a carbon fiber wiper arm. I think this would be amazing. No fade. Stronger and lighter than traditional arms. Super durable. Damn. Ya know, that would be slick!
  2. Cybr on

    Truck stops will be the best fit for charging network for CT’s pulling trailers. Why not, where will Tesla semi’s charge? 😉

    Ok. I’ve had this conversation with friends and family for months and months and now it’s turned into years. 🤣 if this has been already talked about my apologies. I truly believe that the best places to charge a Ct with trailer would be truck stops. Where else will a tesla semi Charge? Right...
  3. Cybr on

    Making sure our furry lil friends who can/cannot travel, are loved and taken care of.

    My wife and I are very excited about our upcoming future travels in our CT, but there are those times where either your family pet or pets are too old or too young for any travel. Some furry family pets are not suitable (medical needs) for any travel as well. So, momma and poppa “my wife and I...
  4. Cybr on

    I think I found a hidden clue on CT in Jay Leno’s Garage

    So I figured what the heck! I did not learn a dang thing truly new about the CtI mean, we did get to see Elon get on top of the tonneau cover. That was cool. Then it hit me after my 15th flipn time If you were to take the vehicle plate number from the CT on Jay Leno’s Garage, you will see the...
  5. Cybr on

    Cyber Events for test drives?

    Would be really cool to Have Tesla semi’s hauling CT’s meeting up at certain locations around the US to test drive and meet up with other enthusiasts! Also, just a thank you to the guys Responsible for this club?