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  1. Living in a cybertruck

    I was thinking about having a petrol or Diesel generator
  2. Living in a cybertruck

    With the global financial crisis getting worse by the day many people around the world are losing their homes and living in vehicles. The cybertruck will be one of the best vehicles to live in. Vans are difficult to remain stealth and you are more inclined to get the knock. Cars are better...
  3. Cybertruck width ~78" inch / bumper = 72" inch. Got dimensions w/ my measurement tape! 📏 🤣

    Will there be enough room to make a bed on the back seat? maybe sleep slightly diagonally or some if your about 6’
  4. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    What are the dimensions of the rear interior window? Does anyone have them? mid this was removed or made on hinges that could be a good way to climb into the rear bed for stealth camping. most places who have signs no vehicle adapted for sleeping have wardens that are looking for windows that...
  5. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    Just like power windows you have to be careful not to do them up with your head sticking out 😯 same if you were sitting in the vault with you’re body sticking out or if you were climbing through from the can to the vault just don’t operate the vault cover
  6. When will UK launch be?

    the UK is a strong market tesla has a strong foothold here already
  7. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    I I guess There will be many cool mods over the years, I’m not going to be the first to make an access hatch through to the vault
  8. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    I don’t see why you still could not have an opening in the bulkhead. As long as the vault is closed
  9. When will UK launch be?

    Some are saying the early preordered ones will be able to buy at the first advertised price of $39k
  10. When will UK launch be?

    Is there a way to tell how many preorders in the UK
  11. When will UK get the CT?

    I preordered on day 1 as soon as they started the process to preorder I’m in the uk Some are saying Elon will Honor the original price is quoted for this of us who preordered early
  12. Cybertruck vault sub-trunk fully opened! + Tonneau cover and tailgate lowering in action!

    I still don’t understand where it goes when you open the vault? There is the rear can window and the rear door window still clear
  13. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    Which YouTube? I can’t see it? did you forget to post the link? yes it will probably need the rear seats removed but I wondered about just folding the them up as can be seen here. I doubt there will be any wires or electrical components in this part of the bulkhead? Even if there is I’m sure...
  14. When will UK launch be?

    What’s is the best guess for UK launch of CT? I would guess 2025/6 but maybe some countries outside USA will get 2024?
  15. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    Some vanlifers are thinking full time living in their CT, I’m going to be using it as my everyday vehicle for a family of five. Then occasionally camp trips for the misses and me. so all that would be required is cutting out the bulkhead under the window with a plasma cutter (assuming there are...
  16. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    Yea you would not be able to get access through the cab with the tonneau open. But I would keep it closed nearly all the time. Just the same as electric windows don’t have your arm out the window when you are putting it up🤣
  17. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    I’m sure it’s possible to remove the back seat and even remove the entire bulkhead and glass panel above it? you Would then have a large living space and could design nice kitchen and worksurfaces with all mod cons
  18. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    Hahahaha I was thinking about a longer hole for two people to slide through at the same time with a nice double bed in the vault. if it’s too troublesome to cut through the bulkhead then I wonder about the glass above it? Either cut an opening or somehow have the entire thing opening or...
  19. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    I don’t want to complicate things, it would be very simple and easy to cut a hole in the bulkhead to be able to climb through to the vault from the cab
  20. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    thanks Crissa Do you think it will be difficult to cut an access hatch in the bulkhead to get to the vault from the cab? what do you think about a kitchen type of thing along the rear seats either folding it upor keeping it there