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  1. "4D radar points to possible Tesla event in mid January"

    Some might have already seen from greentheonly that Tesla has requested a confidentiality extension on their new radar which appears to be from Israeli tech company ARBE Robotics. Apparently the request is to keep it confidential until the product is "marketed in mid January", maybe that's why...
  2. New Tesla radar in Tesla EPC matches FCC filing

    Greentheonly has been tracking this new radar for a while. Maybe its the HD radar Elon has stated would be useful. It would be cool if it could help the CT understand off road terrain topography precisely and adjust dampening ahead of time among other things. Figured I'd share it.
  3. F-150 Owner Just Had First Ludicrous Experience/ DART

    I've never made my own post here, I typically just chime in once in a while, try to give constructive input but otherwise don't post for the sake of posting... However had 2 incredible experiences in the past 48 hrs. 1) I got to watch the DART launch from Vandenberg in person, no matter how...