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  1. Cybertruck won't be shown in Plano, Tx

    I was near the Plano, Tx Tesla store today. I stopped in to see if they would be getting a Cybertruck to display. Saleman said they wouldn't be. It doesn't fit through the store doors. He also said that Cybertruck scheduled to be displayed at the Dallas store was redirected to Austin.
  2. Are you refreshing your Cybertruck Manage Order Page constantly?

    How many of you are refreshing your Cybertruck Manage Order page over and over and over again?
  3. Bad experience ordering Model 3 from Tesla's used inventory in Texas

    The last 3 cars that I have had, have all been totaled by being hit from the rear while the the car is not moving. G35, G37 and a Rav4. I bought the Rav4 as a beater car to get me back and forth to work while waiting on the Cybertruck. So I had to get another car to wait for the Cybertruck. I...
  4. Reservation Tracker Analysis

    I tried playing with code behind the Cybertruck Tracker Data GoogleDoc and didnt get very far. I decided to write a program to read the existing data and reformat it to something that made sense to me. It doesn't do anything with the reformatted file. Just writes it to local disk. I've tried...
  5. Original GigaPress was 8T does Model Tau (25K) need the 9T so they bumped the press to 9T

    Originally, I wondered why they bumped the press from 8T to 9T. Was it because of an IDRA issue or did they determine that TAU needed 9T. So they switched and didn't us tell why. And lets see, I mean not see. We can no long see the 9T press due to the windows being covered. Makes me wonder.
  6. Structural battery pack stockpiling

    From Joe's drone videos, we can see there are lots of structural battery packs being storage at Giga Austin. If I remember correctly, you can even see that it is labeled as Model Y Structural Pack. Also with the new 4680 run rate update. Why are they storing all of these packs instead of using...
  7. Giga Press update ?

    What is latest news on the GigaPress? Expectations were that it should have been delivered by now? Any ideas?
  8. I've been thinking about a book series for several years. Thought it would be several years before fiction became fact. But nope

    Looks like Tesla may get it done before I can finish. Please be kind. New at this stuff. If I shouldn't include this, let me know and I will remove. Here is an excerpt.!AokxZVkJ-VEPn_N0Na2FDltkT1YnJg?e=F2qQx7
  9. Have Idra press parts started to be delivered to Austin?

    From Joe' channel it looks like Giga press parts are starting to be delivered to Austin. And existing casting moved out to make room. Awesome news!!!
  10. Tesla Insurance

    I'm trying to determine how Tesla insurance works. So hopefully, someone will have the answer. How does the rate work? Is it for the car, no matter who is driving it and just based on how well it is being driven? Is it based on each individual driver of the car? What if you have a teenager...
  11. @SawyerMerrit discussed new CyberTruck model lineup: base, mid, tri, quad, plaid

    Was watching Dillion's cast today (Electrified) on youtube and he mentioned @sawyerMerrit had discussed new variants of the CyberTruck on a Podcast over the weekend. He is hearing that initially there will be three variants. Base dual Mid dual Tri-motor With the quad and plaid coming later.
  12. More FUD from CNBC

    They find the worse cases. What about some best cases?
  13. How will I find my MY or CT.

    So, imagine walking out of the mall in a couple of years and... Half of the lot is MYs and 20% of the trucks are CTs. How will we find our MY or CT? They will all look the same.