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  1. Shopping cart dent test fun by Mat Watson

    Mat Watson, the guy pushing the trolly, also went ham on the tonneau cover
  2. beware of scams offering cybertrucks

    a Google search of the picture would tell you that it is several months old.
  3. Convince me to get the Cyberbeast...

    You can go 0-60mph in a Cyber Beast quick than a hummer EV being dropped off a cliff
  4. How to kick your SS Cybertruck! Carwow Quarter mile vs Hummer EV.

    There's another video where he's jumping on the tonneau cover
  5. OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    Pretty much. And the complaints come primarily from the tri-motor crowd as they expected 500mi range for towing. As Tesla moved to a smaller platform and weight class, putting 500mi battery in the truck became less appealing (for Tesla) since payload capacity, handling and performance would take...
  6. Let's design the $49k Cybertruck

    steer by wire can stay if they can make it cheap 4-wheel steer and air suspension will be the prime targets for cost reduction
  7. Towing & Hauling / Dynamics menu content? And how good is the stereo?

    actually, no, it's there And I quote Top Gear: "The engineers have been telling me about adventures they've had in Baja, doing jumps, and the suspension is all set up for that... for soft landings and it can take all the punishment"
  8. Cybertruck Engineering Innovations - Great Summary

    I want to know which 2 production vehicles beat it to the market
  9. Maximum possible battery size for Cybertruck?

    thank you for typing out the numbers on but that's not what I asked. I'm asking what's the max battery Tesla could squeeze into the current CT
  10. OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    sober take from a non-reservation holder and non-investor: It is an absolute fail as a work truck. The size reduction and all the extra tech, some of which are the antithesis of a work truck, as well as a massive price increase from the initial projection all made this a terrible work truck...
  11. Maximum possible battery size for Cybertruck?

    Plenty of speculations exist on the maximum kWh that can fit into the CT. Do those numbers still stand after the delivery event? What is the theoretical max range of the CT with a filled single stack battery not counting any chemistry improvement?
  12. Why I don't feel CT is a work truck? It is more like a utility truck

    far too many tech advancements and features to be a pure work truck, but it also provides much more utilities and comfort than a work truck. 2 cents
  13. Cybertruck BAW does have alternate resting/parking position

    my understanding from the podcast is that it always rests vertically. But in a slow wipe setting, the wiper will stay at the bottom between the wipe intervals to stop the wiped rain from flowing back up the windshield.
  14. Jason Camissa's Cybertruck Review Video & Podcast -- A MUST WATCH

    A technology treasure trove and cinematic masterpiece in a 28min video A must watch
  15. BaseCamp Bed Tent Cybertruck Official Accessory Priced at $2,975

    well designed, but not much of a bargain. feel like they should copy the air duct thingy on a particular model 3 tent that allows the cabin air to pass through
  16. Delivery day video

    The driving review will be released tmr, very excited
  17. Cybertruck Specs Comparison vs. R1T, Lightning and other pickups

    also, CT has >17in ground clearance in extract mode. I wonder what's the suspension travel and how well it can handle high-speed Baja driving
  18. We not gonna talk about the baseball?

    Yeah, they didn't have to show anything and people wouldn't care. Now it's kinda cringe
  19. BEAST MODE Cybertruck gets 845HP !! + Front locking differential / diff!

    I heard somewhere that the dual motor has both front and rear diff