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  1. 🚨 Oracle Cybertruck Police Car Revealed by CEO Larry Ellison (Preview of Accessories?) -- Video Added

    WOW, this click bait garbage is being spread around like there's an actual modded CT that looks like this. Smoke and CGI mirrors. Typical Silicon valley BS.
  2. Cybertruck Frunk Open / Close Action Video!!

    Looks manual bro, sorry.
  3. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    WOW, could not even give us 1 power outlet in this TINY frunk. WTH Tesla. From the other CT reveals, power options in the cabin and bed may also be lacking. Please keep your promise Tesla and at least deliver 500 mile range.
  4. [Video added] Cybertruck black interior, dashboard, frunk tub (in bed) - while supercharging

    Yikes, look how far into that parking spot the CT has to go to barely get the SC cable to reach. I see lots of future damaged SC cabinets because of this.
  5. 📣 News! Cybertruck deliveries on track for this year, sub-19 ft length + 6 ft bed length ++ lots of pics from deck!

    We're only a couple of months away from actual CT deliveries and we still can't confirm REAL pricing and ACTUAL features on these things. And NO ONE has even seen the frunk space? By the way, like half of the features we were promised ON THE OFFICIAL TESLA PRESENTATION SLIDES are not even...
  6. Cybertruck Front Casting Analysis (and Frunk Implications) - 3 vs 2 Chickens

    Get ready for that frunk to be smaller than expected.
  7. Cybertruck Mega Windshield Wiper IN ACTION at Giga Texas Wind Tunnel

    I would be concerned about the torque needed to move that arm with buildup like snow....
  8. Ventilated seats and massaging seats possible for Cybertruck?

    Elon has SAID a LOT of things about this truck's features. MANY of them are not going to happen.
  9. Confirmed Cybertruck specs: 5% smaller, 6x4 bed size, 5 seats, frunk, no pass through & more... (info from Tesla employee at Investor Day)

    You can do better Tesla... No front middle seat No binnacle No Stalks Less bed width than prototype Need more power plugs Crappy touch-buttons on steering wheel No perforated seats Possibly No Midgate Charge port still on delicate plastic fender
  10. Confirmed Cybertruck specs: 5% smaller, 6x4 bed size, 5 seats, frunk, no pass through & more... (info from Tesla employee at Investor Day)

    Please let the rear bed window roll down for HVAC camping mode... Wanted to be able to sleep in the bed, don't F it up Tesla.
  11. Taking deliver at the Texas factory?

    When I got my model 3, I picked it up at the Fremont factory and got a factory tour on the same day. It was an awesome experience. I will consider picking up my cyber truck in Texas if I can also get a tour of the factory. If they're not doing tours then I will just pick it up at my local...
  12. Under the new Biden EV credit proposal, will the Cybertruck qualify for Federal Tax Credit?

    I thought the clause for the " source of battery minerals " was supposed to be implemented -incrementally- in the coming years to 'steer' manufactures to slowly get the minerals locally?
  13. Spare tire for Cybertruck?

    All the EV trucks come with a spare tire so far. Silverado will also have one INCLUDED, confirmed. For Rivian, you can include it during checkout and it has a storage location under the bed. Not the best, but IT IS there. If Tesla does not include/offer one, AND allow to store it out of...
  14. You tube reviewers wtf

    Many of these videos online.... It's all about the charging network.
  15. Price Increases?

    I'd be willing to bet that the vast majority of people that are claiming that there will be a price increase on existing CT reservations, have never bought a Tesla using a pre-order. Anyone who bought a model s, model 3, or model y, before it was actually on the road will tell you that Tesla...
  16. New Cybertruck interior / dash photos - June 6, 2022

    JBee is correct. This issue is well documented with Bolt owners who have this digital RVM feature on the upper trims. You have to refocus when looking at the digital-display which is not eye-ball-friendly; where you do not have to do this on a simple RVM. The math has been done.