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  1. Living in a cybertruck

    With the global financial crisis getting worse by the day many people around the world are losing their homes and living in vehicles. The cybertruck will be one of the best vehicles to live in. Vans are difficult to remain stealth and you are more inclined to get the knock. Cars are better...
  2. When will UK launch be?

    What’s is the best guess for UK launch of CT? I would guess 2025/6 but maybe some countries outside USA will get 2024?
  3. Scalpers after release

    There are now millions of people waiting in line for a CT, I wonder what the scalpers will be selling there place in the line for after launch? I suspect like the PS5 the going rate for a CT will be greater than twice the RRP. As long as you have your reservation number you will be in the line...
  4. When will UK get the CT?

    When do you think those of us in the UK who preordered early will be able to take delivery of the first CTs?
  5. Camper for cybertruck

    There are a few in the works but I’m planning on building my own. Elon has confirmed the bed will be able to carry a 8’x4’ sheet of ply with the tail gate down and a flip stop to hold it in place So that’s the dimensions I’m working with 8’x4’ base but haven’t made any decisions yet on if to...