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  1. WildhavenMI

    Cybertruck: The Most Bang for Your Buck Among Current and Upcoming EVs

    At one point I was as excited about the Elio as I now am about the CT. Same $100 down, but I have much more faith in CT than I ever did in Elio. Now I see that $100 as basically the cost of getting to fantasize for a couple years about how much I'd save on gas.
  2. WildhavenMI

    Cybertruck: The Most Bang for Your Buck Among Current and Upcoming EVs

    I'm expecting my Aptera at about the same time I'm expecting my Elio.
  3. WildhavenMI

    Any word on Tesla Insurance outside of California?

    About 6 months ago I was considering selling my Volvo V60 and switching my non-utility commuter which racks up ~25k miles/year to an EV. M3 was my top pic, so I asked my insurance agent for a quote. My insurance, for identical coverage to my current car, was $1700/year more expensive. Not...
  4. WildhavenMI

    A van mural on the cybertruck

    I'm going to mural my CT like a 70s/80s astrovan. I have this idea for "angry pixies" ala AVE/Uncle Bumblef*#k meets wolves-howling-at-the-moon t-shirt and it's so bad I'm 100% committed to it. Problem is I don't know where to get started. Anyone know how the process on something like this...
  5. WildhavenMI

    ATV towing

    Old thread I know, but this would make it much more useful to me than a sport ATV. Let me tow a brush cutter, or a cart w/ tools on it. Or a water wagon (a small one). SOMETHING other than offroad joyriding.
  6. WildhavenMI

    Elon: Cybertruck's goal is to kick the most amount of ass possible

    Agreed. If Cybertruck had been "just another truck" I would have waited and compared the electric F-150, whatever tf Chevy is gonna do, etc. But with CT being so radically different it's exciting and that makes all the difference.
  7. WildhavenMI

    Cybertruck Priority - Buying a used Tesla

    I think for me that's a last-ditch fallback. We've been making the switch to electric-everything as a matter of principle on all our equipment and it's been wonderful (we have a Ranger EV, electric mowers, Stihl kombisystems now with the battery backpacks, even an electric zero-turn) - and I've...
  8. WildhavenMI

    Cybertruck Priority - Buying a used Tesla

    For my sake, and the sake of other Michigan reservation holders, I hope not. Starting in mid-2022 I will need a truck w/ 6,000lb towing capacity (work-related) and I do not want to have to make the decision to buy a different vehicle.
  9. WildhavenMI

    We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    Looking forward to reducing environmental impact while doing habitat restoration work. Sometimes I feel like we do more harm than good when we have all this diesel-belching equipment running all over for the sake of environmental work. Something I can charge off-grid or with sustainable grid...