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  1. CyberTruck illegal in EU?

    I might take you up on that offer. I need the bed.. eh.. sorry.. _vault_ length. ;)
  2. CyberTruck illegal in EU?

    We don't want the chibitruck. give us the real thing. pretty please.
  3. CT vs Cold Weather States

    I suggest you check out TeslaBjørn's youtube channel. here is one of his winter tests:
  4. Elon: Cybertruck's goal is to kick the most amount of ass possible

    So no cybertruck for the rest of the planet then. 0.174% of norways population preordered one. "It is too big for europe". Hogwash. Those are clowns talking. Clowns not wanting a cybertruck but a clowncar. and NO, I will not get the "compliance" cybertruck.