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  1. Can a CT be realistically kept outside?

    Let me get this straight, if you keep all your shit inside and vehicles outside then shouldn’t the garage be called the shit house.
  2. Washing/cleaning

    I love to wax my cars but I guess that wouldn’t be prudent on s.
  3. Cybertruck too big?

    All the car’s I’ve ever owned ( 85 ) go in my garage. Car first, whatever fits after is ok but not at my cars expense. A 70,000 vehicle should never sit outside. I live in the desert which is just as hard on a vehicle as cold is. I don’t Klien wearing oven mitts to drive for the first 5...
  4. Musk: Tesla may be able to produce batteries with 50% more energy density

    Hey medicaljmp, I think I’m two in front of you in line. Maybe he’ll have the batteries perfected by then.
  5. full steering wheel?

    I live in Lake Havasu City AZ, we get a lot of California visitors and locals from California. A lot of them refer to California as Cali. Hopefully AZ will get the CT earlier than most of the country due to region.
  6. Cybertruck production - how many produced per day

    I didn’t think Elon was going to ship the CT Out of the country until he has a smaller version.
  7. Musk: "several hundred thousand" orders received for the Cybertruck

    Also the first off line will be to employees; then regional, so your place in line doesn’t mean to much.