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  1. MKBHD: Will the Cybertruck outsell Ford F-150?

    Put me in a camp where I think that the CT will outsell F-150 sometime by 2030. This video implies that despite current demand, Tesla won't outsell the F-150: What are your thoughts?
  2. Cybertruck Predictions - Battery Size & Range!

    My prediction is that for initial models, it'll be either a dual motor or a tri-motor with a 140 KWh battery size resulting in 350 miles range. Cost: No less than $50K and no more than $69,420. 500+ mile range trim/model will eventually come and it is likely to have a 200 KWh battery. Cost...
  3. 5 Reasons why the Cybertruck will be worth the wait

    Here are my 5 reasons why the worth is worth it: #1) 1,000 volt architecture will allow us to mega charge the truck quickly #2) It'll be extremely efficient as compared to other trucks #3) Stainless steel body and bullet proof glass? Sign me up! #4) Tesla has indicated that the Cybertruck will...