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    Shopping cart dent test fun by Mat Watson

    I watched a lot of Carwow car reviews, but never seen this host so excited about one vehicle, the CT. Which is a big deal.

    Elon Musk and Sandy Munro talk Cybertruck.. Again

    It's hilarious (in a good way!) to see Sandy M drool all over Elon and Tesla. Sandy is a well respected engineer himself, but when it comes to Elon, he have a lot of respect for the guy. Great interview! Thanks!

    Get to Know Your Cybertruck how-to videos: steering wheel controls, bed rails / anchors, bed outlets, tonneau cover, rear screen, front camera

    It so easy, I learn all these control in 5 minutes, and I don't even have my CT yet. I am ready!

    Look at all these Cybertrucks lined up at Giga Texas ahead of delivery event!! 🤩

    I am not good at counting or guessing, but I can see more than 10 CT.;)

    265 mi range at 90% shown in demo Cybertruck driven by Marques Brownlee MKBHD

    This is a demo CT. It could be software lock. Delivery day is 1 day away. I would wait for the real spec before jump the gun.

    10 Cybertrucks will be delivered at the Delivery Event on Nov 30, says Tesla product design director, Javier Verdura

    Yeah, 10 CT at the event. There is a possibility remote delivery as well. So, I think there would be more in total delivered. Why would people expect Tesla to deliver 1000 CT at the event, doesn't even make sense.

    Videos: best look yet @ interior, folded-up backseat, tonneau cover, display screen UI, range meter

    Base of the charging number shown. this looks like a short range single motor being testing with the same size pack as a Model Y, which is about 82kWh. Which calculate to be at about 260 mile range. This what I calculated. the range should be +/- 5% due to unknown remaining capacity before...

    Jim Cramer thinks Cybertruck may not sell even 50K a year... Elon responds: "This is a good omen! Inverse Cramer never fails 😂"

    Wall street expert at it best, JC. He just want airtime. This guy love to trash Tesla and Elon Must.

    Cybertruck Shows Off Crab Walk at GFTX!

    No body from Tesla claimed that was a crab walk. The CT is being testing. LOL

    Cybertruck frame in scrap yard shows no midgate and other details

    Calm down y'all, Nov 30th is coming, we will find out soon enough. No need to stress out about it. The CT is real. :)

    Cybertruck Camper Prototype by Space Campers

    This is nice but the Cyberlandr camper is way better for the money. Smart tech, 4-season camper and hidden.

    VIDEO: Cybertruck at Hollister Hill RSVA offroad park

    Most people don't understand about new vehicle testing. This is a new product to be introduce to consumer. There are different test, not all at the same time. Tesla is collecting data for all type of tertian separately for the program setting. Let wait and enjoy the video as they are available...

    Baja Cybertruck returns to US. Parked for viewing in Orange County!

    I agree, most people drive aggressive at high speed and expect to have better range, wishful thinking. I can hypermiling and get more efficient when I need to on my 2013 Model S 60. I could do the same with the CT. Not complaining about EPA rating at all. Real-world driving does not count...

    Mexico Pics: Cybertrucks w/ roof rack accessories (Starlink & recovery boards) and bed vault haul (spare, air tank, recovery rope)

    I love to see all the images of the CT. I enjoy a lot when I see new ones but all the complain of nothing official, is such a drag. These are prototype, not released CT. Testing is still in the works. Wait until you have the CT in your possession then complain all you want. I am out, logging...

    Mexico Pics: Cybertrucks w/ roof rack accessories (Starlink & recovery boards) and bed vault haul (spare, air tank, recovery rope)

    Who said these are the official accessories? For sure, no one has heard of it. These are test product, obviously on a prototype vehicle.

    Videos of Cybertruck towing SpaceX rocket engine!! 🦾

    This is great to see the CT in action. Raptor engine is not too heavy but that trailer alone is massively heavy, 7k lb. min. Thank you for the video.