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  1. Musk talks Cybertruck specs (0-60, vehicle weight) & production volume on Joe Rogan podcast interview (10/31/23)

    This would be true *once* production is ramped up. Until then, the more profitable tri-motor would generate both more revenue and profit for Tesla. This assumes of course batteries are not a constraint. I tend to wonder how many 4680's have been stockpiled. Realistically every single one...
  2. Bed Rack Accessory part closeup looks

    At the base of the rack mount, I would like to see some integrated tie downs as well if I am making a wish list. Even, better integrate the tie down strap somehow into the rack so its all cohesive.
  3. Elon Musk drives Cybertruck to F1 race at Circuit of the Americas (Austin, TX) -- updated w/ video

    I believe it would still provide some rather large benefits as most EV's have far more torque than the tire traction can handle and are constantly under traction control to prevent the tires from breaking loose. Keep in mind that the traction control software has to have parameters and data to...
  4. Bed Rack Accessory part closeup looks

    Of course but then you would need some tide downs or some other mount inside the bed to keep them from rolling and tumbling around in the bed when not in use. The frunk being more confined would secure them a bit better without additional hardware.
  5. Bed Rack Accessory part closeup looks

    I personally would prefer a much better fitment of the rack bars without the adjustable crossbars just for aesthetics and strength. I am not sure what the heck this would fit at minimal adjustment unless the telescopic minimum is just for smaller storage size, perhaps would fit into the frunk...
  6. Cybertruck VIN decoder! -- GVWR Vehicle Weight Revealed + **only** Dual and Tri Motor for 2024

    I have mentioned this before but I wish they would allow a 30-90day after CT purchase to exercise the reserve locked FSD price. This could allow a sub $80k truck but with the availability of FSD without a penalty. Now this does present one small problem though of not being able to roll the FSD...
  7. Did this fella just realalize he forgot to hit the send button 2 years later.

    I do wonder if regular sheet metal welded/bonded/glued front and rear clip actually have replacement "chunks" that can be ordered for a repairs? If not, the whole conversation really is moot, ie fix at your own risk regardless if stamped or casted.
  8. Did this fella just realalize he forgot to hit the send button 2 years later.

    Due to the value of an EV battery pack and motors on a totaled EV (assuming the battery is intact), I could see insurance companies totaling out an EV then parting it out for $. Technically I would think an EV would have more working drivetrain parts in this scenario than an ICE vehicle would...
  9. Tesla PPF wrap (color & clear) now available! Cybertruck wrapping a certainty?? 🤔

    What is the lifespan of these wraps vs just a pro paint job?
  10. Did this fella just realalize he forgot to hit the send button 2 years later.

    I don't recall indicating that the crash absorption rails were part of the castings. In most vehicle collisions regardless of ICE or EV where the damage goes beyond the absorption rails the vehicle will be totaled out by insurance. Watching some of the more recent build videos of Tesla's, the...
  11. Did this fella just realalize he forgot to hit the send button 2 years later.

    From 3 years ago and not including additional improvements. As I understand it the design of the castings now allow this in additional sections as well. I recall something about there are specific markings or templates to be used to guide where to cut when doing casting repairs. Because of...
  12. Did this fella just realalize he forgot to hit the send button 2 years later.

    I know I am guilty of composing work emails a day or two prior where I though I clicked the send button but had so many windows open that it went for awhile but this looks like it went farther that that.
  13. Rivian CEO Doesn’t Think Cybertruck Will Lure Away R1T Customers... Agree / Disagree?

    My view is no, CT will not impact Rivian sales directly in the short term. Reasoning is that initially slow CT volumes and an enormous backlog will prevent a new decider to choose between the two mentioned options. If you decided in one month from now to buy a new EV truck regardless of your...
  14. Windshield Wiper (BAW) extreme closeup

    Deer whistle, always make one part do at least 2 functions.
  15. Musk: Tungsten Carbide Coating may be offered to scratch-proof Cybertruck. Overkill or oustanding?

    Might not be that costly if Tesla just buys a player in the tungsten carbide coating market....
  16. Cybertruck spotted today 9/13 showing awesome build quality & fitment

    I will say that these images and fitments look the best so far of what I have seen.
  17. [Video + Pics] Cybertruck suspension at high setting height (loading onto trailer and public streets)

    If the tires are indeed 35" it appears clearly to me that there is a good 16" of ground clearance
  18. Mounting anchor points on Cybertruck roof and bed (photo) for racks, parts, accessories

    Exactly why I could see why Tesla has potentially abandoned the idea of a solar vault cover as an option. Now If it was a standard item (due to high profit margins) it could be doable as a standard option and nobody would be talking about payback time and we would all be rejoicing about it.