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  1. SparkChaser

    Musk says Cybertruck to get paintball machine gun mounted on bed rails?!

    During WWII the British LRDG suede that kind of can. They only held water and had different spouts than the furl cans.
  2. SparkChaser

    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    I was late to the party and ordered a single motor 12/20/19. My number is RN 113187XXX 443k in line. I am realizing I want a dual motor. Watching the Tulsa construction. Hoping for the new battery tech.
  3. SparkChaser

    Cybertruck TeraFactory Texas Preliminary Build Schedule --- Substantial completion ****

    Chemically Milling or machining groves, similar to relieving for bends cans create crumple zones and built in crush patterns. Aircraft have chem milled panels to reduce weight. Construction of SS panels can follow similar processes.
  4. SparkChaser

    cyber scooter

    I rode a bike for decades, but the distracted drivers these days have gotten so bad, I don't even have a bike any more. Too many close calls.
  5. SparkChaser

    Can a CT be realistically kept outside?

    uses some chicken wire to close off areas that they could get into. I would think brush guards will do most of this.
  6. SparkChaser

    Cyber truck delayed production

    Silly me, new to the forum and still finding my way around.
  7. SparkChaser

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    Angies List I think has a charity review section. Also here is a good link.
  8. SparkChaser

    Has anyone dropped an old truck/van body on an electric chassis?

    I have been thinking about this for some time. Always wanted to drop a HumVee on a Tesla Battery/Drive system.
  9. SparkChaser

    Cyber truck delayed production

    Tulsa seems likely. Construction was underway last I heard.