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  1. FutureBoy

    Cybertruck vs Hummer EV

    Ok, so if Tesla was not a company and the CT was not a thing, I would be lusting after this but not ordering because of price combined with probable maintenance/reliability issues. Besides, I absolutely abhor dealerships. But the CT is a thing. And Tesla can do things like auto update over the...
  2. FutureBoy

    I’ll just put this here

  3. FutureBoy

    Cybertruck goes to the moon

    It will be the perfect protection from those alien fly-by shootings.
  4. FutureBoy

    Tesla Seeks Approval for Battery Production at Texas Gigafactory

    Is the battery portion of the factory going to be prioritized in Austin and be completed relatively quickly vs the auto line in Berlin that might be more complex of a line to build out and thus take longer? Possibly Bloomberg is just looking at the dates on the permits to get the dates. I’d...
  5. FutureBoy

    Starlink capabilities?

    Do you mean expensive to put up the satellites? Yes, except that the satellites would be largely free to use for these incremental uses. In theory, the internet service will pay for the satellites and still make a profit. Any additional uses would be gravy on top. The additional cost of people...
  6. FutureBoy

    Starlink capabilities?

    So I’m on a business trip at the moment and have a rental vehicle. It has SiriusXM radio in it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been around SiriusXM. But it got me thinking. what are the chances that starlink has the ability to also start broadcasting a 1-way signal to compete with SiriusXM...
  7. FutureBoy

    Musk says Cybertruck to get paintball machine gun mounted on bed rails?!

    Given how far away from ambient light the CT will be able to get, and the amount of payload weight the CT can carry, We’re gonna need a bigger telescope.
  8. FutureBoy

    Only one tailgate option. Why?

    Was thinking about this option today and realized that with this option the “step” would actually work as a bench and the tailgate would be a picnic table.
  9. FutureBoy

    CT Fenders and Side Cameras

    Or perhaps something more like rubber? Kind of like a mudflap that sticks out to the side a bit. Only thing is the cameras. Not sure how much protection they would get. I like the idea of being able to record from the cameras while off road, but don't want to lose them to the road.
  10. FutureBoy

    Cup holders

    If the seat is not down you still get 3 cup holders. The person in that seat puts one cup between their knees and one in each hand. LOL
  11. FutureBoy

    New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    Watch it be a software update to enable greater cap charging in all the chargers that have been installed in the last X years... Something like that up his sleeve?
  12. FutureBoy

    Has anyone dropped an old truck/van body on an electric chassis?

    I have my grandpa’s 1950 Ford pickup in the back yard waiting for the money to do an electric conversion like this. Have wanted to fix up this pickup since I was knee high.
  13. FutureBoy

    CT Fenders and Side Cameras

    So from the images I've seen of the CT, it seems like the fenders that stick out from the SS sides are not made of SS. Since they also contain the side and rearview cameras, I'm wondering how these will hold up during off-roading. I've seen plenty of Jeeps and other ICE vehicles lose light...
  14. FutureBoy

    Only one tailgate option. Why?

    Makes me think... The tailgate is already very thick as it has the ramp inside. Could just make the whole outside portion of the tailgate be a pull-down affair to use as the step-up. Being a full-width step seems like it would be much safer in the sense that when stepping down you don't need to...
  15. FutureBoy

    New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    Clarification. I should have said “needed to”. LOL Note though that you are not actually planning out gas stations. You are planning out Arco’s and Costco’s. If you didn’t plan those out, you wouldn’t be stuck anywhere. You would just have to pay a bit more for your gas.
  16. FutureBoy

    New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    Potato, potato. I think we are saying the same thing here but from a different viewpoint. Personally, I think that in the US, short of some off freeway areas between the coasts, everywhere basically has enough charging options to qualify as well populated with chargers. You may have to...
  17. FutureBoy

    New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    This is one aspect that is currently different between ICE and BEV. Unless you are driving in areas well populated with chargers, you need to pre-plan where you will charge on long trips. For ICE vehicles you can mostly just count on gas being available almost anywhere. As an adult, I can work...
  18. FutureBoy

    Cup holders

    This is probably not what everyone wants, but my current vehicle is a Toyota Sienna which has what seems like 50 cup holders. In fact within 12 inches of the drivers seat there are at least 6. Since I’m carrying around kids, these actually become useful in many ways and I’ve found that cup...
  19. FutureBoy

    Electric Ford F-150 powered by gasoline? Patent shows how it’s possible

    I actually like the ability to add the generator to extend range. But the number of times it should be needed are pretty small and extreme. I can imagine m Midwest relatives wanting this instead of relying on electric charging each night. Many of them have their own gasoline stand at home with a...
  20. FutureBoy

    Tesla Semi to Custom Built Adventure Truck

    In another thread, there is talk of taking a Tesla Semi and building out an RV on it. Given that this site is about the CT though I'm wondering if we couldn't get even more radical. I don't see myself having the $$$ for these right away. As long as I'm dreaming though, something like the below...