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  1. Driving Cybertruck with defroster on in colder climate.

    Nice! Thanks for turning me on to this. Installed the app and there are now more options with an adapter in my area than I initially assumed. Still not many, but with the sparsity of SCs, it's good to see more options AT ALL in Eastern Kentucky. :)
  2. Windows, Mirrors and Wipers.

    Faster than me! :)
  3. Windows, Mirrors and Wipers.

    In the Jay Leno video, the window is down during the Boring Tunnel portion. Window partway down: Window appears to be all the way down. No way would Tesla make a vehicle with static windows (unless a special case for Gov or something). People still need to operate it as a regular vehicle...
  4. Cybertruck depreciation concern

    My Toyota Tacoma will be 11 years old this January. I plan to drive the CT for at least as long. :) I like the argument of considering it an investment for the life of the vehicle as well. There is virtually 0 competition for FSD right now, so I hope that as other auto makers (hopefully - slim...
  5. Cybertruck Windshield Tint

    This is a big reason that I don't feel too worried about the all-glass roof; in combination with the feedback from Model 3 / Y owners on the interwebs who say they don't experience excessive heat. That's a gorgeous, shatterproof-ish rectangle of glass, imho. :)
  6. What if your place in line cost $1000.00?

    If that's the case, I'd be willing to burn some airline miles (provided things are safe with the pandemic) to go get it and drive it home. :)
  7. The Robb Report Article: Tesla Cybertruck: Everything We Know About Elon Musk’s ‘Bulletproof’ Electric Pickup

    Look. I just want everyone else to share this specific obsession with me. Is that too much to ask? :p
  8. The Robb Report Article: Tesla Cybertruck: Everything We Know About Elon Musk’s ‘Bulletproof’ Electric Pickup

    I was merely quoting what you posted. I realize you didn't actually author those words. Sorry for the misunderstanding caused by the quote system. Really appreciate the share.
  9. The Robb Report Article: Tesla Cybertruck: Everything We Know About Elon Musk’s ‘Bulletproof’ Electric Pickup

    It probably does. If it doesn't, it will. Assuming something won't crumple because it's flat is silly. All Tesla vehicles have better crumple zones due to lack of engine. These guys need to watch Sandy Munro. Neither do full-size Fords? I mean, they're like within 2" of each other in every...
  10. Video: Sandy Munrow discusses Tesla Battery Day

    I can only do a share at a time on occasion. Better believe I bought one more share when it took that dip!
  11. Video: Sandy Munrow discusses Tesla Battery Day

    I was blown away by Battery Day. Seems like people are hung up on the million-mile battery and V2G. What I saw this week was more than game-changing. It's world-changing. Tesla is setting themselves up even further for their mission of sustainability and I can't wait to get my CT so I can be a...
  12. Let's be honest - who disliked and/or was repulsed by the Cybertruck when they first saw it?

    I didn't know the reason for the shape until I started watching some Sandy Monroe vids. I like it first. After that, I loved it. (y)
  13. Let's be honest - who disliked and/or was repulsed by the Cybertruck when they first saw it?

    I wasn't repulsed, but it was so different that it felt like my fight-or-flight kicked in and I was really just sort of stunned. That gradually wore off for about 12 hours before I bought in 100% and preordered. My wife, who is still put off by it, was still surprised that I didn't preorder...
  14. Ford VP Disses Cybertruck, Calling Electric F-150 a "Real" Work Truck

    While I agree that this was likely an unfair challenge (4x2 vs 4x4), I haven't seen anything that stated the Ford truck was the cheapest trim level. Seems more like someone has a bone they're picking here. Re: 5th wheel - I think the need for flat rails will depend on the specific trailer. I...
  15. What if your place in line cost $1000.00?

    I'd have reserved for $1k in November. $5k I would probably would have done after a couple of weeks or months of consideration. $10k would be very, very difficult to justify as an up-front with a lot of wait. But I'd honestly consider it. I would do the extra up-front investment not...
  16. Puncture-proof airless tire

    I've never been one to spend extra on the appearance of a vehicle. But this? Yeah, I'd spend for this. Totally badass.
  17. 5.5 Foot vs 6.5 Foot Bed

    I have a 5.5' bed in my Tacoma. Really limiting when it comes to hauling (lumber, mulch, & rider lawn mower are my most frequent). With my mower, I have to leave the tailgate down, I imagine the same will be true for anyone with an ATV/motorcycle. I have a bed extender, it helps but it's not as...
  18. Mercedes AVTR

    Not one shot of it going >10mph. I bet a hard dollar that at speed those wheel/tires would rip themselves apart. Agree with prior commenters, I like that Tesla tends to deliver on their promises from concept to driveway. I also wonder if the naysayers who fixate on the CT steering yoke and...
  19. CT Motorized Solar Panels

    I really dig this idea. Seems like a lot less would be needed to enable tracking. The risk I see would be under-drafting of the panels at highway speeds. They'd have to be pretty well anchored while driving. But while parked? Hell yeah. Also makes me want to set up a dedicated array and...
  20. Should Cybertruck Camping Mode Have Self-Level Feature?

    I'm not very experienced in overlanding or rock climbing off-road (we have plenty of backroads that I drive in my Toyota). I would assume, however, that a gyroscopic level sensor and independent wheel height control would be game-changingly beneficial in all types of off roading. No idea what...