1. h_arout

    Video of the Cybertruck F-150 spotted on the highway

    There’s been some images on this website of the same cybertruck loaded and hooked onto the same truck, but I haven’t seen a video yet. Here’s a video I found on tiktok, and I believe the account posting this is the original. CREDITS: Twitter: @SERobinsonJr (EDITED)
  2. h_arout

    Why are the new Cybertruck sightings so different than the original prototype?

    It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the new cybertruck sightings seem to pertain more towards functionality, rather than looks. The prototype, and current cybertrucks in the museum/showrooms look ASTRONOMICALLY better than the camo-wrapped, or other public sightings we’ve seen. It looks much...
  3. ? New Cybertruck video showing (removable) side mirrors, rear wheel steering, turning radius!

    Update: Elon has confirmed that the side mirrors are removable by owner: Bigfoot quality footage but it’s something new. You can side side mirrors and the rear wheels steering. Different than original prototype.