1. CyberTrailer for the Cybertruck. This is how I will roll.

    This is what I'll be building. Design in progress. Some preliminary details: -large ramp at the back (need to leave the cyberquad somewhere.) -150kWh pack to offset the range hit and for power when standing alone. -16 fullsize solar pannels on top. -HVAC in the top -Starlink next to HVAC -2...
  2. Lives2TruckAround

    CT's Airbag Suspension?

    Anybody know if the airbags are going to replace the whole coil over system on the CT or any updates?
  3. Using Cybertruck to top up offgrid solar system instead of a generator

    I live offgrid with no connection to external electricity provision. I have a 7 year old 10KW offgrid solar system with 1800ah 2V gel batteries which has perfectly run the whole property but has gotten down to 40% charge after a week of bad weather. I don't have a backup generator, quoted about...