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Oct 18, 2023
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Waukesha, Wisconsin
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First, some background. We own seven Teslas, A Cybertruck, performance M3, 2 Model X's, one M3, 2 Plaids, (one with the track package). We are in the business of providing out of warranty related, unscheduled repairs on Teslas since 2014 and nearly everything else since 1978. That's longhand for Auto body repair. Our experience has been that Right from the start Teslas have been reliable, well built and relatively maintenance free.
There's a lot of new technology in the Cybertruck. The manufacturing process is even more advanced. Anything this challenging to bring to market will be scrutinized to excess for the slightest problems in addition to the legitimate ones that impact driveability and utility.
I've also been involved in aviation operations and maintenance most of my life. No new aircraft whether it's a $100K sport plane or a $65 million G650 is trouble free or perfect. Like the Cybertruck, they are technologically advanced and complex machines. The real measure of quality is the manufacturer's ability to learn, address issues that surface and make necessary changes when needed.
I think it's a bit disingenuous to want to be the first with something this new and different, then complain, magnify and whine on the internet if they are inconvenienced.
We work with hundreds of customers every month, Teslas being a substantial percentage. As a group, they are really satisfied with the car and not likely to go back to the past. That plus our hands on experience with the product itself speaks well for the company.