Customer AWD Foundation CT at Merritt Isle, FL


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Dec 6, 2019
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Every time I drive by I casually scan for a CT, and this morning it was a slam on the brakes and hard turn because there was a CT front and center in the lot! I parked and jogged inside and saw the service rep that knows me and said, “I assume I have a voice mail from you regarding my delivery!” He laughed and said it was for another customer that was picking it up next week but I was welcome to take a look.

1. Surprised they are displaying it before cleaning it as it’s filthy. It looks like it drove though a pool of dirty water. Repeatedly. Even peering inside there were dirty footprints everywhere and the plastic on the seats was torn and the driver’s seat was dirty. The Tesla employees must be walking through wet dirt parking lots and plopping down hard on the seats. Not impressed and I bet Elon would go ballistic if he saw it.
2. “Railroad rust” spots were everywhere. They do not brush off and a little spit and thumb wipe don’t help.
3. The passenger side of the frunk was poorly aligned. I normally roll my eyes at most of the forum “I’d never accept those panel gaps” comments but honestly, I would not accept the frunk as is. Hopefully the SC will fix it before delivery.

I don’t want to sound like I’m rationalizing but I am actually glad it’s not mine. I’ll take a look in a few days and see what they’ve done to it.

Tesla Cybertruck Customer AWD Foundation CT at Merritt Isle, FL IMG_8972

Tesla Cybertruck Customer AWD Foundation CT at Merritt Isle, FL IMG_8973