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Oct 1, 2020
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So I was just watching some YouTube videos of an offroader in Australia who was traveling through the outback. My initial thought was that the trek would be awesome in a CyberTruck someday if there were adequate charging along the way at some point. I'm guessing the Australian outback will take a long while to get charging stations but with all that sun it would be relatively easy to place solar powered remote charging in I'd think. Cost would be an initial issue but oh the sweet treks available once the charging infrastructure was there.

Anyway, that got me thinking. Since I am sitting over here in North America, I doubt I would ever ship my CT over to Australia so even if I wanted to go it probably wouldn't happen.

But, what if the CT could be set up as a tour operator? Imagine the robotaxi with tour advice. You rent a CT for a trek excursion. You get to keep the vehicle full time including for camping at night. You tell it generally where you would like to see. But the CT could have all sorts of side trips or special sights to see included in its database so as you are going along it could recommend stops based on the types of things you like to visit. Also, it could download hiking trail data or historical reference data that could get sent to your phone so that while you are stopped, you could know where to go and what to see. It could also know where you want to sleep at night, campgrounds, hotels, motels, etc and help you set up reservations depending on how the trip is going or give you timelines of how long you have available at various stops along the way to still make it to your nightly destinations.

If there were enough "tours" being conducted, the various CT's that are traveling in the same area could know about each other and facilitate CT convoys or social meetups if people so desired.

I wouldn't expect Tesla to do all the data programming for this kind of activity but if it provided some interfaces, I bet that people could start companies that created these kinds of tours. If these tours were uploaded to Tesla they could then be "bought" by tourists to use, rate, and recommend. There could be an ecosystem. And this way, there could be a bunch of CT's available all over the world and one could go borrow a CT or two where ever they wanted without having to ship their own CT around the world.

So maybe I go tour around Australia for a vacation but the next vacation I want to tour around Europe. Or Asia. Or on a whim, I book a tour in Antarctica. I just need to get there, organize my supplies and then take off in the rented CT.

Anyone else want some of this action?


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