Ford Will Crush Tesla With Electric F-150, Jim Cramer Says


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Aug 19, 2020
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This is a very important point. Humans typically believe a bigger [frunk] is better. But, there's an inverse relationship between container size and functional storage. The larger a container becomes, the less capable it is able to work well as a place to carry, organize, and access its contents. If you have a cavernous frunk, you will almost certainly fill it. And when you need to access one item that's packed way in the back, you'll regret that you have to unpack a cavern this large.

Tesla is as much about minimalistic living as it is about energy.
I actually think that the Ford frunk is a pretty good design. My reasoning for liking the sizes of the frunk/bed in the cybertruck more than the ford is that for once there is enough closed storage space in a trunk without an aftermarker product that would also take up space in the bed.

The Cybertruck has the sail storage, the frunk, under the bed, and I have my suspitions of aftermarket products that could go on the floor infront of the middle front seat. There is already a bar to protect the pedals from the feet of anyone sitting in the middle, it's entirely possible that a company could build a pseudo center console unit for storage and maybe a work surface for those who don't plan to have anyone in the center seat.

Another reason why I like the Tesla over the F-150 in this regard is that the Tesla frunk could be easier for the types of things that you might put in it. The F-150 frunk is great but I don't know what I would really use it for. I don't worry about having tons of stuff in it and having to search for a specific item at the back, but I would personally want dividers for such a larger frunk. If i get groceries, I don't want to worry about them in the frunk. I know that there are a couple hooks for bags but if i'm using a trunk that big, whatever else is in there could easily slide into groceries. Actually I personally don't know what else I would use the frunk for other than shopping bags when I leave a store, or maybe hide a present for my wife inside and deactivate her key.

So my reasons are mostly just no personal need for a frunk that big but I could always find uses for a bigger bed. If someone has a need for a much bigger frunk and doesn't need such a big bed, it would of course be a great option for them.