FSD price increases and effects


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Dec 5, 2019
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Enhanced autopilot is what's offered now. The car will do everything on the freeway - change lanes, navigate, avoid obstacles, change freeways, etc. - as well as attempt to drive on the road (beta). Enhanced autopilot requires human interaction about every 12 seconds just to prove that you are not asleep at the wheel. FSD is the holy grail, no human interaction, all conditions. If you buy FSD, you get whatever the best that is currently available, it has significantly improved even in the last 12 months. Technically, it's called enhanced autopilot. Part of the stink that Telsa stepped in was the marketing of FSD. They sell "it" but it is constantly evolving and not actually FSD yet. It is awesome in its current state but it hasn't reached the finish line.
IWhat he said, but if you really want to dive in deeper, there's already a split happening between FSD buyers and EAP drivers (I have EAP) occurring, it's not just "in the future differences" anymore.

For example, my EAP M3 cannot stop and go at red lights or stop signs - FSD can now do that without the beta. And of course, there's the blessed few with the new FSD beta, lucky dogs!!! I would pay the extra $5k upgrade for that if I was guaranteed to have the new beta.

Consider these points:
1. If you have a robotaxi CT fleet generating $30k net/yr/car, that's an extra $300k/yr you're making on autopilot (pun intended).

2. If your vehicle is totaled, you need to know how your insurance provider will handle software upgrades!! This is not discussed much, but is painfully important. Not all insurance providers will cover the cost of software upgrades like FSD when your vehicle is totaled. Some will treat it like aftermarket upgrades and say too bad, so sad. Before you actually buy FSD, talk to your agent and change companies if needed.