The Spirit of the Futuristic Cybertruck


Oct 12, 2020
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CyberTruck, 2005 F-250
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HEY NOW... Feeling giddy this Friday morning; in the immediate sense that I've found this place of seemingly like-minded, future-seeking, forward-thinking prospective CT owners; in the long-term sense that I might have a place to present my stream of consciousness word-vomit like the ideals that succeed this leading statement (read on if you dare)

I'm a pragmatist by necessity, and an existentialist by nature. Further, I am new to all-things Tesla with the reservation of my *now* tri-motor CT (as well as this forum). This kind of tardiness, on my excitement's behalf, is normal for me. I generally tend to be late to all of the good parties, the reason being that I am hesitant to "buy-in" to particularly disruptive ideas until they have a good footing and are proven to be just that, as they upset the apple card (so to speak). While I am an initial observer of these things, and rarely an early-adopter, I am keen to bite hard once my motives move me past the threshold of pragmatic reasoning and into emotive connectivity to said ideals.

I have now reached this point on this journey in particular, and it is quickly extending outward, beyond a singular entity.

I've been a part of few other projects that have reached this level; these moments in one's life where the good fortune of acquiring material tokens transcends the objectivity of a 'thing' and moves squarely into the space that defines a person, or beyond that, a spirituality. We are often sold on consumer decisions and brand symbolism as acts of this ilk; "owning a ____ is a way of life," etc. But until now, few things have tapped into this spirit for me as Tesla's Cybertruck.

Is this an overblown emotional response to an inevitable emergence in technology? Perhaps.
Is this me putting too much weight into one of my life's larger fiscal decisions? Possibly.
Are these two brain paths (pragmatic and existential) more closely related in the human experience than I care to recognize? Likely.

All I know is this: I have found a renewed spirit in this earthly existence by way of committing the smallest amount of concrete funding to reserve a vehicle that means to move me from one space to another in the name of "existence" by today's standards of developed planetary life.

One should be so lucky.

When I think of the year 2025, I envision a sense of purpose and meaning in moving through the spatial void of daily life. I see a company man trying to leave a smaller wake than those inherited in the waters he navigates. I see a family standing on a foundation of values that look to a better future. I see a young daughter writing memories of wanderlust and adventure and carrying the torch for a new generation. I see a reinvention of the "American Dream" that, while once a burgeoning symbol of hope, has soured and represented the flaws of a broken society. I see a planet on the mend, which exists in harmonious concert with this same effervescent spirit long after I move into the great beyond. I see something real, something tangible, something that represents change. I see the future.

So yes. The Cybertruck is futuristic. In design, absolutely. In aspirations, unquestionably. In spirit... unequivocally. It is the embodiment of a renewed sense of purpose, for a greater future.

Glad I'm finally here, along for the ride. Happy Friday everyone.