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Feb 20, 2020
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We've all seen videos of replica Cybertrucks that people have built, typically based on an existing vehicle. But I haven't seen an organized collection of such videos, so I'm posting a list of my favorites here.

MakerBeta - Chinese - based on Jinbei van
"Eng Sub HANDMADE Tesla CyberTruck, SHOW TIME!" - Jan 3, 2020
In Chinese, with mediocre English subtitles.
Impressive result, especially given how quickly it came together.
(Followup Q&A video has no English subtitles.)

Garage 54 - Russian - based on UAZ utility vehicle
A group of Russians converted a utility vehicle into a really slick-looking Cybertruck replica. In Russian, with professional-quality English dubbing. Skip to the last video for the final result.

"Transforming an UAZ into a Tesla Cybertruck" - Dec 27, 2019

"UAZ-based Tesla Cybertruck – bodywork done" - Jan 14, 2020

"UAZ-based Tesla Cybertruck: first drive" - Jan 31, 2020

the Hacksmith - Canadian - half-size, full electric, built from scratch
This one may be the most impressive, as these folks created a full-electric replica from scratch. It's half-size (technically, one eighth size) but large enough for two full-sized adults (barely) and plenty powerful.

"CYBERTRUCK BUILD (Part 1/4: The Body)" - Dec 12, 2019

"CYBERTRUCK BUILD (Part 2/4: We Crashed It!)" - Dec 26, 2019

"CYBERTRUCK BUILD (Part 3/4: Almost Done!)" - Jan 16, 2020

"CYBERTRUCK BUILD! (Part 4/4: It's done!)" - Feb 21, 2020

"1:2 Tesla Cybertruck VS Ford F-150 (TOW TEST!)" - Feb 27, 2020

"Half Scale Cybertruck Q&A!" - Feb 27, 2020

Unknown - Chinese - unknown base
"CHINESE DIY Tesla Cybertruck design language from Lamborghini." - Mar 20, 2020
This disappointingly short (1:30) video shows what appears to be a decent replica created by a Chinese guy, with deliberate tweaks to its appearance to suit his personal aesthetic. In Chinese with good English subtitles.

Aleksandr Trubnikov - Russian - based on Lada
This two-minute video shows Aleksandr's 8-day project to make a Cybertruck replica from a Lada VAZ-2109. Not too bad.
"Tesla Or Lada? Moscow Car Hobbyist Turns Jalopy Into Cybertruck" - Dec 27, 2019

Backfire - American (?) - based on a side-by-side
Mediocre Cybertruck replica - the only US one that made the cut for me.
"We Built A Tesla Cybertruck" - Jan 1, 2020

I have omitted numerous videos that were jokes (slapping painted cardboard on a vehicle and calling it a day), or were too short to contain enough information.

Please post links to your favorite replicas in the comments.