Washable floor?

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Apr 10, 2020
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They have pretty good rubberized floor mats for the Model Y so I'd expect similar for the Cybertruck as a minimum.

I'd love to see Line-X flooring on the Cybertruck myself. You could put carpet over it if you want warm toes. Heck, I'd prefer Line-X on much of the interior, I expect lots of muddy shoes and dirty people getting in and out of mine.

An easy to clean interior with removably carpets would be something I'd pay for.
My point exactly and YES I was meaning Line-x or
Some other durable products that can be sprayed like
Bed liners or the like. But, I’d rather wash carpet I can take out like the liners today. I thought. I’m done with cleaning this crap. I’d rather have rubberished floor like Cobb mentioned way back
And have carpet like our rubber liners today but be carpet on the top half so it can hold form. Anyways, maybe I’m out of
My mind but, it’s what I would want because it makes our jobs much faster and easier. It’s just a no brainer. I need someone to share why this would not work because in my mind, I don’t see how it would be an issue in a negative sense for future repairs or ccess to areas in the vehicle. I hope this makes sense. Lol.