When and how will be able to configure our own tesla Cybertruck?


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Jan 28, 2020
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I'm crossing my fingers for a lot of people who put the $100 deposit will walk away and cut the line waaaay down. I'm around 200,000th in line, but am in Canada which I'm worried might put me farther down the pecking order.
Here's hoping a bunch of people changed their minds about the CT! Oh and anyone reading this who is ahead of me in the CT line, did you see the specs on the Ford Lightning? Amazing! You should considered dropping off the Cybertruck band wagon and go get yourself a Ford!
Or a Rivian, or a Smart car for all I care!

Sad to say it... but that's likely what I am going to do. I like a lot of the features of CT (SS skin, brutalist, minimalist design... Range! (although not yet proven) ) but I don't think they will be producing in volume for years and this is their 1st truck. And this last point is really sticking with me. This is their 1st truck. Think about that. Ford, GM, Toyota... any big mfgs have been building trucks for decades and decades, they are evolving to EV, not starting from scratch. And working trucks take a LOT of punishment, and I do not see a lot of CT testing being demo'd... as far as I can tell there are 1 or 2 prototypes being moved around the country as showpieces. Given the QC issues that are cropping up all the time with their passenger cars, I don't think I can wait to then gamble on Tesla trucks. At this point I haven't given up completely, but my clock is ticking and the trajectory does not look good.