Who Else is Hoping for a Redesign for Wife's Acceptance?

Will the updated Cybertruck design change your reservation decision?

  • I will never buy the Cybertruck. The specs aren't good enough.

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Oct 3, 2020
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I currently have the CT preordered because the specs are too good to pass up. Price, range, stainless steel body, large interior to travel w/ family, camping, autopilot, and Supercharger network all considered obvious pros. However, I am waiting to see a hopefully less hideous design (if this triggers you please go bark up another tree) before I'd actually commit to buying. And yes, I understand the functionality of the straight line bends of the stainless to reduce cost, as well as the cybertruck aesthetic. When I say "redesign" I am well aware this thing won't ever look like a traditional truck, but here's the deal......There is no way my wife would ever let us get one w/ the current look. Doesn't matter how good the specs are, this will be sitting in our driveway and neither of us would want such a hideous design being promenaded in front of our neighbors. And yes, I get that no matter what having an unpainted stainless steel body will always get attention.

I am looking forward to the CT update coming next quarter. 3% smaller size, flatter side angle, mirrors?, windshield wiper?. I would like to see what the actual rims look like (not with the hubcaps). I really hope there is an extra bend in the tailgate (or a complete redesign), man that tailgate looks bad. I do think some minor changes could make it much palatable.

Is there anyone else who feels the same way or am I not as a loyal fanboy as the rest of the group?
You don't have to be a "loyal fanboy" to like the Cybertruck. Aesthetics are personal and we don't all like the same things. But it's really silly to expect Tesla to change it because YOU or YOUR WIFE don't like it. Hundreds of thousands love it and many are not Tesla fans. Personally, I think it's the best looking truck I've ever seen and I think a couple of tweaks (like making the centerline more horizontal as Elon mentioned) will make it even more beautiful. When it's finally revealed in it's final form I'm predicting even MORE people will love it. It will still have the same basic form but the final proportions and angles will be slightly tweaked for the better. People who hate it will still hate it and those who appreciate the aesthetics will love it even more. Those who are currently undecided will be gradually won over in ever increasing numbers.

While I think the aesthetics are the most significant new design language the automotive market has probably ever seen, what appeals to me even more is the stiff and lightweight structure that is tougher, stronger and lighter than any truck in it's class. This is what will make the Cybertruck the most ground-breaking achievement to go down in Automotive history. Strong, light and aerodynamic (for a truck). These qualities are what enable the superior tow/haul and range specs, not to mention the low prices. Combined with all the additional functionality Tesla is building into the Cybertruck, I'm left just speechless.

I can hardly wait. Bring it on Elon! Show us what you've got!