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  1. Will the CyberTruck be your First Tesla and/or Electric Vehicle?

    First electric vehicle? Depends. Does a battery-assisted bicycle count as one?
  2. New Tesla dealer needed

    Traditional deliveries include a hands-on demo of how to operate the vehicle -- even if the controls and displays are intuitively obvious to an experienced driver. With a Tesla, I would consider this to be an essential element, requiring an in-person handover.
  3. Fisker Motors CEO Teases Aggressive EV Pickup In Concept Render

    ungedu, post: 35773, member: 868"] Fisker is the master of vaporware. By my calculations, since Henrik started he has produced his Fisker vehicles (many called Karma) at the approximate rate of one every other day. So I wouldn't hold my breath.
  4. New Tesla dealer needed

    "We need to go to Kansas City, Missouri to pick up our factory-new Tesla’s. This is due to anti-competition, dealership protectionist laws." If you're saying service centers can't deliver in that jurisdiction (but those across the state border can), that would be a reason. But I heard that the...
  5. New Tesla dealer needed

    I have reason to believe that not all service centers deliver vehicles. Anybody know?
  6. Will I need a armoured vehicle permit for Cybertruck in British Columbia?

    They might be, especially when new. Nothing about having to be shatterproof. But the point is that "bulletproof" is a general concept and common metaphor with no specific legal definition. My shaving mirror might or might not be bulletproof, depending on a dozen factors about the bullet, the...
  7. Anyone Believe the Cybertruck will do well on Turo?

    Listen to Aaron and talk with your insurer and maybe a lawyer. CT in your name? A renter injures people who win a $10 mill. settlement against you. Turo says no problem, we cover your first $50k. Your insurer tells you to get your policy, turn to Exclusions, and read Par 26 in Clause 32 ....
  8. What features won’t be standard on the tri-motor and what do you think full spec will cost?

    You raise a valid concern. Traditional makers have long used the strategy of posting a reasonable list price, from which the dealer deducts some sort of special discount, but to which are added whatever can be thought of, especially if made to appear required and non-negotiable, such as...
  9. Factory pick-up in lieu of delivery

    1. Are there any North American road-vehicle makers that factory-deliver? 2. If Tesla did so, would the 4-figure delivery charge still apply? And how would the licencing/registration and insuring work for non-Texas buyers who plan to drive their purchase home? 3. Tesla ships its vehicles to...
  10. Range reduction when towing.

    "for a traditional truck, I know when I tow something heavy, my mpg reduces a lot. I think this should be same on cybertruck right?" When we drive an EV we're vigilant about range. When we drive a liquid-fuel vehicle we don't much care, because we can refill at about every major corner. So that...
  11. VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    Anybody guess how much this all costs Tesla? I once figured about 5 mill -- now it looks closer to 50 times that! (Anyway, they sure are going to a lot of trouble just to build my Cybertruck!)
  12. VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    "... last thing anyone would want to see is an employee working there falling off the roof ...." Your point certainly stands -- but where there are no railings, the workers are tethered by rope.
  13. Can we expect the Cybertruck in 2021 -- What's your opinion?

    Luke, I didn't say that I heard no Prius battery has ever failed, but that after a decade, none has failed simply from old age. Of course, with millions on the road, things can detach or break or whatever, just like, as you say, transmissions.
  14. Conversion cost to drive

    Electricity will cost one-quarter to half as much as gas or diesel but it may cost a bit to set up your garage for home charging. Other main differences: The battery should last about as long as an ICE motor, but cost nothing for maintenance along the way (like the cooling system, exhaust...
  15. Cybertruck confirmed specs / features list

    Let me revise my prediction about what will be included. The standard car-selling plan is to advertise a low price, let the buyer haggle over it, and then pile on as many add-ons (some attractive, many fake) as they can get away with. The Tesla plan is, "You pay the price we set, and you take...