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    Gates shorts $TSLA?

    Not sure that arguing with an obvious troll/short is useful.
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    🤠 LIVESTREAMING NOW: Cyber Rodeo Event Featuring Cybertruck

    Hope they didn't use the Ukrainian grandma > russian soldier recipe... Seriously they look good, but not to die for... Someone please stop me. Edit: BTW, I like the wiper. Big a$$ truck, big a$$ wiper.
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    🤠 LIVESTREAMING NOW: Cyber Rodeo Event Featuring Cybertruck

    Believe that's Nikola Tesla. It is crazy cool.
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    MULTIPLE Cybertrucks on site at Giga Texas this morning for Cyber Rodeo!

    Cute. In Minnesota our climate zones change every hour. ;-)
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    Joe Rogan takes Cybertruck for a Spin! [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    A lot of anger here and also some reasoned voices. We all want our Cybertrucks but it's clear that Tesla is supply constrained and is straining to produce the vehicles that are in such high demand (Model Y, 3, S and X). It's amazing that they increased production YOY by 87% in 2021 in this...
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    Bollinger bites the dust

    What's drop dead hilarious is a certain very popular EV channel with the initials TE has continually heaped love on the looks of the Bollinger and absolute hate on the looks and pretty much every other aspect of the Cybertruck. Lately Ford and GM seem to be the object of their affection. Hmm...
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    Hummer EV Trolls Cybertruck in Touchscreen Menu Icon

    The government will most likely bail GM out and taxpayers will be stuck with another GM > $11.2 billion loss. Mary Barra will receive a golden parachute...
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    Hummer EV Trolls Cybertruck in Touchscreen Menu Icon

    That the Hummer will crush the Cybertruck makes about as much sense as: "Mary. You electrified the entire automobile industry. I’m serious. You led — and it matters" Sheesh...
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    Configurations and Pricing Removed From Cybertruck Website!

    Most likely. On the other hand the tri motor version will use almost 1.7x the batteries of the dual and 2x of the single. So it might depend somewhat on battery availability in determining production capacity and profitability. Perhaps some lower spec vehicles will use LFP cells. LFP cells...
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    Update: Cybertruck Will Keep Concept's Size, But Separate Smaller Cybertruck Likely!

    As a reference the Model S is 77.3" and the Model X is 78.8" wide, both without mirrors. Not a whole lot of difference.