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    Dual rear cameras spotted on Cybertruck

    That's true about a lot of the CT, that's for sure!
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    Musk Says Cybertruck Will Drive Cross-Country Later This Year

    Wasn't it in an enclosed trailer? Besides, a lot of vehicles are delivered on car haulers... Fords included.
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    ... AND lighted fog lights beneath the bumper!
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    The Cybertruck is NOT a "Pickup Truck". So what is it?

    Yes. Yes you should. Not because he's some famous guy but rather, he does a great series on disassembling vehicles to see how they are manufactured and where the manufacturing shortfalls are. He did a great set on the Model Y which highlighted several improvements over the Model 3. He owns...
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    Dual rear cameras spotted on Cybertruck

    Good analysis. While the F350 had a single camera that worked great for connecting trailers, it was mounted above the hitch about in the center of the tailgate. This allowed you to almost see from directly above the hitch making eyeballing it simple. I could see having a couple of cameras...
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    Cybertruck europe

    No te preocupes por eso por ahora. No sabemos qué planes tiene Tesla para el futuro. Escuché que se está planeando una versión más pequeña, pero no escuché nada confirmado.
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    Update: Cybertruck Full Self Driving (FSD) Option Now Costs $8K

    I asked my delivery specialist about that very thing. He said it happened one time, by accident, and was fixed immediately and that this "story" has been told and retold about that same incident that it has become internet lore. Anyway, doesn't happen, FSD stays with the vehicle, nothing to...
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    Update: Cybertruck Full Self Driving (FSD) Option Now Costs $8K

    LOL. Of course not. My point was if you only have 10 apples (limited production capabilities where you can't make enough to meet demand), would you even try to sell them for $1 if there was a line of people wanting to pay $100 for each one? In that same vein, Why would Tesla sell vehicles to...
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    Cybunker for your Cybertruck! Yes or No?

    Meh... seems to be trying too hard to be "different" to me. I get the irony in me saying that.
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    Any warranty issue when installing my own sound system in my Cybertruck?

    Teslas have great sound and the CT may have really great sound. It seems premature to already be planning on shit canning the stock system. Having said that, I don't think it'd be easy to upgrade the amp, for sure. I'd bet you'd be having to use the speaker wires as an input to the amp rather...
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    Tulsa TESLA

    Will the Semi be produced in it's own factory or share space with the CT and MY in the new factory?
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    4 miles from 4 hours of a single house-sized panel would be about 20 miles after 8 hours in the sun with a Vault cover's worth of panels (assuming optimal sun and optimal positioning...)
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    Dual rear cameras spotted on Cybertruck

    Good question. It's just a postcard with the link to renew your tag. I suppose they could email out notification... or a calendar notification would suffice for most here.
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    Is 4th Quarter 2021 a realistic delivery date for the Cybertruck?

    The GM plant, built in 1982 was capable of producing one vehicle every 52 seconds. We ran it at 54 seconds. I doubt manufacturing equipment has been made that is less capable. Now, if a factory isn't optimized through good Industrial Engineering, it may not be able to go that fast but still...