air suspension

  1. rr6013

    Air suspension that Rolls over bumps

    Yeah, that Rolls Royce. It came up with a static device that dampens vibrations inside the cabin from small harmonic types of divits, bumps and annoying tar lines in the roadway. See URL: Brilliant KISS engineering which I hope Tesla‘s air suspension can replicate. I...
  2. Lives2TruckAround

    CT's Airbag Suspension?

    Anybody know if the airbags are going to replace the whole coil over system on the CT or any updates?
  3. Administrator

    Cybertruck to Enter Baja Endurance Race With All New Air Suspension Says Musk?!

    Elon Musk has just shared an update that the they're working on increasing the travel of the dynamic air suspension for better offroading. And that it "needs to kick butt in Baja," and also potentially tipping that the Cybertruck will compete in the Baja 500, the grueling Mexican off-road...