1. jsquared

    Parked vs. Asleep (Phantom Drain)

    Hey guys, I noticed quite a few people talking about their vehicle being asleep and phantom drain. Although I have not noticed or monitored phantom drain yet, I do notice my vehicle is mostly ‘Parked’ versus ‘Asleep’. Are there specific times or parameters that will put the vehicle to sleep...
  2. Nicko

    My Cybertruck only charges 27 miles an hour.

    I have the original Tesla charger I think and I was disappointed to see I only get about 27 miles per hour when I charge at home. You can see its getting 48 amps at 220 volts. is this normal? Do I need the new Tesla charger?
  3. Cybertruck Saves Bricked Model Y in Nashville

    Does anyone have a Cybertruck in the Nashville area? Looking for a cool rescue from BNI. My mentor who will make this worth your time has bricked his Model Y in the airport parking lot. Thought this would be the coolest way to make this problem have a solution. Share some power from Cybertruck...
  4. Jethro

    Cyber road trip…Hotels with charging.

    Hey Cyber pros! I’m planning on picking up my Cyberbeast in Austin and going on a trip through the Carolinas upper midwest and back to Boulder. I’ve found it difficult to find Hotels with EV charging…Hilton was a real mess. One might expect that Hotels would market to EV travelers, but many...
  5. Universal Wall Connector questions

    First, is the Universal Wall Connector on the website the same one that comes with FS CT orders? Second, if so the website says it is 11 KW / 48 amp output, any idea how long it would take a CT to charge from say 10% - 80% at that rate? thanks in advance!
  6. Black-Villain

    Cybertruck Charging Curve (Recorded by Owner)

    Courtesy of Our Cyber Life on YT: Or TLDW: No real details given in the video regarding charging location. Presumably a V3 Station judging by the 250kW peak. No details on if the vehicle was preconditioned, although I'm assuming so based on hitting 250kW at low SoC as soon as he plugged...
  7. Treynor

    No space for trailers at superchargers -

    I’m guessing we will need to disconnect our trailers/RV’s at the super chargers while charging. Imagine the parking lot now with five CT’s charging for the next recreational haul OR job site and several RVs and tool trailers also in the parking lot . . . disconnected. Am I missing something?
  8. DrShah

    Faster Tesla Wall Connector for the Cybertruck?

    I have the standard Tesla Wall Connector for my Model Y LR to get the max 48 amps out to get roughly 43-45 mph on charging. I wonder if Tesla will sell a faster more capable updated Wall Connector to speed up home charging for the upcoming Cybertruck if it truly has a much large battery pack...
  9. KrodEKid

    Detroit claims apples to apples study is needed for cost comparison Detroit Free Press: Study compares electric vehicle charge costs vs. gas — and results were surprising Bottom line. Article details how EVs cost more to charge if you live in a state that has EV registration tax, you charge only at public chargers and...
  10. Charging stations.

    The current charging stations are set up for car charging. This could be problematic for the cyber truck that is in tow. Has anyone seen a way to charge the cyber truck while it has a load?
  11. Rthardison

    Alaska trip

    I would like to pull a camper to Alaska with the Cybertruck. It appears I will need to take a generator to charge the truck along the way. It would require 7kw+ generator with a clean power output. Looks like costs range from $1-2K for that size generator. Researching campgrounds along the...
  12. Administrator

    Cybertrucks Will Have Larger Parking Spots at Tesla Superchargers

    Via Teslarati Tesla plans for Cybertruck-specific Supercharger spaces September 23, 2020 Tesla is preparing for the eventual rollout of the Cybertruck by offering plans on wider, longer charging spaces at Supercharger stalls. A recent proposal by the Pasadena Water and Power Department in...