plaid cybertruck

  1. Sasmania

    Is Elon being very conservative with TRI-motor 0-60 times? Is 2.5 possible?

    If we look at the Tesla Model X for comparison, it weighs about 5500 LBS and the Dual Motor Ludicrous version does 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. The CT will probably be the same or certainly a bit heavier....but also have TRI motor Plaid "Alien Technology" built into it. Aerodynamically, the CT can't...
  2. Administrator

    Plaid Cybertruck Is A Thing Says Musk!

    It's been a while since Elon Musk has discussed the Cybertruck, but it looks like he may just have revealed a big detail -- that there will be a Cybertruck Plaid model! This was revealed in this tweet tonight when he said that he'll be driving a Plaid Cybertruck. :eek: A Plaid model of the...