1. CyberTripFamily

    Hi Everyone, we wanted to share that we are planning a road trip with a Cybertruck, starting in Europe. If you have some ideas about locations, companies or people you want us to visit and document, just let us know. It's probably going to take a year or 2 before we can drive the Cybertruck in...
  2. CyberTrailer for the Cybertruck. This is how I will roll.

    This is what I'll be building. Design in progress. Some preliminary details: -large ramp at the back (need to leave the cyberquad somewhere.) -150kWh pack to offset the range hit and for power when standing alone. -16 fullsize solar pannels on top. -HVAC in the top -Starlink next to HVAC -2...
  3. taylordihel

    Towing Camping Trailers

    I am considering purchasing a camper trailer and wanted to ask people how they thought the Cybertruck would compare to a gas and diesel. I am getting dual motor. The added weight must help. 50% range impact?
  4. Bigmac

    Tow hitch, electrical connection and in cab brake controller

    I am extremely interested in finding out additional information on towing trailers, how the electrical connection will look at the rear of cybertruck and the in cab brake switch for trailer. Any insight out there?
  5. DCL777

    CyberTruck TriMotor = Hardcore smack down on Diesel Trucks

    I am really hopeful that the CT Tri will be able to surpass a 3500 or at minimum a 2500 diesel pick up for towing a trailer. Specifically a 33’ 5th wheel. Dual tires option. Load leveling airbag suspension. Factory 5th wheel hitch (fully prepped for 5th wheel minimum). Software to handle...