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Oct 1, 2020
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The roadster in space didn’t need starship to get there. What are the chances a CT will get similar treatment? And then people might start complaining about the traffic in space.
Interesting interview I saw today. It's Elon being interviewed by Clay Mowry (President, International Atronautical Federation) at the 2023 IAC. He had a question that mentioned the Cybertruck.

Clay: You put a Tesla in space. This was like an amazing thing to see a Tesla actually flying into space. So you already put one of the vehicles in space. Are you thinking about making the Tesla rover? Maybe moon or Mars. Any ideas for Cybertruck on the moon?

Elon: It would look cool, that's for sure. The nice thing about electric cars obviously is that they do not require oxygen to... They are not combustion cars so they do not have to ingest oxygen from the ambient atmosphere. Yeah, I think Tesla could easily make a car that... Like a Cybertruck lunar variant. Get the moon option package. So I mean the reason that we launched the car with Falcon Heavy is that we wanted to have something that is exciting as an initial payload. But that the loss would not be catastrophic. So, people wonder why is my car orbiting earth and Mars. Cause it's in an elliptical orbit, it touches like the edge of the astroid belt and goes past the orbit of Mars. It's just that we weren't sure if the first flight of Heavy would fail or not. And we wanted to just have a payload that was more exciting.

Clay: I thought it was brilliant, really. A masterstroke in terms of getting the attention of the world. To put that in orbit.

Elon: Thanks.
So I wonder what the lunar or Mars package CT will cost.

The interview is here. I cued for the question above.

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