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  1. Rear Wheel Steering

    We don't know what he meant by rear wheel steering yet. Is it full active steering like the crab walking Hummer or just a passive system that only turns a couple of degrees either way (opposite direction of front at slow speeds and same as front at high speeds). I am betting on the latter. I...
  2. Cybertruck Energy Consumption at Slow Speeds

    I imagine would be a long way. Someone went over 600 miles on one charge on a model 3 when out first came out. They averaged around 24mph if I remember correctly.
  3. Tax incentive

    There is nothing pure about politics.
  4. A More Useful Frunk

    Most trucks these days are the full crew cabs. If they had an eight foot bed they would be super long. For the most part eight foot beds are only offered on single cab or extended cab models. I don't know how Ford could label a 5.5 foot bed as full size. What would not be considered full...
  5. A More Useful Frunk

    One of our other cars is a Miata. In a Miata forum someone posted a pic from the interior of a pickup from the drivers point of view, sitting at a light. You only see clear road ahead. But in the screen view from the front mounted camera is the back end of a Miata. I wish I could find the...
  6. CRAZY resale value of the Cybertruck

    Yes, we have AP2 on our Model S (late 2016) and it is pretty good. It has a lot the features that are only included in the FSD option now like navigate on AP, auto lane change, summon and auto park. If the CT had all that then I would be happy without FSD. We almost bought FSD when we...
  7. CRAZY resale value of the Cybertruck

    I am hoping there will be a subscription service for FSD but he time the CyberTruck is delivered. I am not sure I really want to pay for something I would not really use all the time.
  8. EV Trucks Compared: Cybertruck has head start on F-150 EV and GMC Hummer EV

    Yes, Tesla hit their 200K cap a long time ago. Ford has about 75K in tax credits left but most if not all will be gone by the time the Lightning reaches customer hands. The MachE should swallow up those 75K by then. How does Colorado do the credits? Income tax rebate? Or straight rebate...
  9. Tax Credit vs Cash for ICE clunker

    I think Ford only has about 75K of tax credits available at the moment. I would bet most of those will be gone buy the time the F150E is out. The MachE will take most of those.
  10. Hitch?

    Also, Tesla showroom employees rarely know much about anything involving future anything. I would wager that most forum members have much more Cybertruck knowledge than the average floor person at a Tesla store.
  11. TSLA Took a big dump today! WOW!

    Not enough to pick up more shares today. Maybe in after hours it will go down some more and I will get it on opening tomorrow. We bought our Tesla in late 2016 and if we had bought shares then too the Cybertruck would have been paid for and more.
  12. TSLA Took a big dump today! WOW!

    Come on $550. That's my next buy order. Of course it should then go up to $900+.
  13. Odd Changes to Cybertruck Bed?

    Do we know it has a track system? Has it ever been confirmed? I know the early speculation was that it had a track system but the newly released high resolution original images cast doubt on that. Hopefully Elon heard the chatter and will include it in the final version if it is something...
  14. CyberLandr for Cybertruck has gained $50 million in pre-orders

    Creature comforts? How big exactly (not really exactly because we don't know the final width of the Cybertruck) is the two person bed in the Cyberlandr? Judging by the video it looks like each cushioln is 1/3 the width of the interior (maybe a little more) which would put at around 21 inches...