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  1. $396.00 wiper pump

    It is, and the reservoir us located behind the bumper, totaly unaccessable via any alternet routs. That takes an evil engineer to design.
  2. $396.00 wiper pump

    I agree, i am mechanically gifted, i am also old and not able to get under a car. Like i said, its just silly to have to pull the 27 '- 7mm bolts, 2 - 10mm, 8 body pins, pull the front bumprr and grill to replace a $4 dc pump. Oh, and my quote is from an independent which ive trusted before and...
  3. $396.00 wiper pump

    I am so done with the big 3 and their engineered obsoleance b$. Just got a quote on replacing a burned out winscreen washer fluid pump (part = $23 @ autozone) for $396.00 lowest quote. The. Entire front bumper must be removed to access it. Americans should be able to repair their owned...
  4. Senate Ad campaign against Tesla FSD

    No more business owners shall be allowed in government positions of power!!!
  5. Will Tesla Insurance cover Cybertruck in all states?

    Will all American CT owners be able to insure their trucks via Tesla insurance?
  6. Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Computer cowboy - neil young Mother Earth - neil young Intersteller overdrive - pink floyd Rocken in the Free world - neil young Free bird - lenard skizard Going to the hardware store - weird al
  7. Tesla AC -> cool?

    So. Tesla will be/are utilizung the same or more modern remote destruction of private property that john deere, GM and the rest appear to do? I was banking on Tesla having more integraty, good grief. We'll monitor these replies closely. Thanks again. We have to watch our fianances out here on...
  8. Tesla AC -> cool?

    Thanks CG, whats the purple line?
  9. Tesla AC -> cool?

    Are Tesla air conditioners as cold as I.C.E. vehicle's air conditioning?
  10. Tesla AC -> cool?

    Are Tesla's air conditioners as cold as ice vehicles air conditioners ?
  11. Tesla AC -> cool?

    Could some current owners of Teslas tell me if the air conditioners are Cold? Its a scorcher this year with hotter years ahead. And, is the tesla AC dependable, thanks folks.
  12. Cybertruck test pilot signups?

    Dode, We are all beta testers for tech companys if we are first to purchase. And! And we dont get paid for it. Thats all.