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    Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    Our winning isn't nearly as pathetic as you cool-aid injecting elonites. He opens his mouth and people get hurt. Just zip it elon. Oh yeah and tired of your type too. Just admit the guy talks to much stop looking like a blind follower and walk out of the tent.
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    Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    Kinda wish he would just shut his yap unless he has something to say. Its annoying the way he toys with his faithful.
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    Conversion cost to drive

    Well honestly the cost for anything but fuel doesnt concern me right now. My family and I have driven Toyota and Lexus vehicles for the last 20 years and an oil change twice a years isnt what I would consider a big expense. The last few cars we have owned came with the first 2 years of free...
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    Conversion cost to drive

    I dont know that this has been done yet but has anyone come up with the cost to drive a Tesla as compared to MPG at an average price per gallon? Like if the average price per gallon was $2.50. And you average 20 MPG You go on a 200 mile round trip at a cost of $25. How much would it cost to do...
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    Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    The thing I love about these videos is that we seem to know as much as they do. They are just good at stretching 2 mins of data over 30.
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    Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    I think having a letter as your cars name is about as boring and thoughtless as it gets. Then again if you look at what he named his kid its not surprising. The Cybertruck title was a great idea. I wish it looked more like its name. I hope the changes he makes are as much cosmetic as mechanical...
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    Cybertruck preorder popularity map (compared to Model 3)

    I sure do hope we will have a chance to test drive the Truck. I dont think I could pull the trigger without a test drive. I actually dont know much about the Tesla product. I wouldnt even know how to start one.
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    Cybertruck suspension, ride & handling compared to competitors (Sandy Munro series)

    I love Sandys bias towards the big three. When it comes to Trucks the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra far exceed the quality and resale value of the big three. As a matter of fact the Toyota Tacoma was rated the "vehicle" with the highest residual value period. Thats all cars and trucks. If Sandy...
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    Cybertruck Interior Colors and Materials

    Grey or black should make most people happy.
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    Cybertruck Steering Wheel Dimensions

    I don’t think the shape of the wheel concerns me as much as the functionality of it. I find myself always fighting with my tilt and telescope to achieve the most comfortable driving position.
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    Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    So just something I noticed lately that may or may not discredit the order of the reservation #s. Its all hypothetical at this point but I have a higher RN # than several people who placed there order at least a full day after I did. Can someone explain how this works.
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    Tesla Quality

    These small things some of you that already own a Tesla speak of such as body panel misalignment and paint imperfections are concerning. These are expensive vehicles. If I was purchasing a vehicle north of 50-90k I would expect cosmetics to be spot on. Imagine for example a comparable priced...
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    We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    Looking forward to pulling up to pick up my daughter from school after she said not to because it will embarrass her. Im thinking it will be just the opposite lol.
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    Let's Talk Options

    I would love to have the ability to control the drive system such as switching from 4WD to AWD or 2 wheel drive according to which model you order. A traction control system would be nice. The truck market is very demanding and if they want to get more of us to cross over they will need to be...
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    Tesla Quality

    Like I said before I haven't been driving Toyota's because they are the most "fun to drive" or because it "puts a smile on my face". Its about quality and reliability for me. I just want something that works. These other reasons would make the experience better for sure, without having a real...