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  1. We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    Camping! Towing the toys out to the desert for some fun and relaxation. Where can we buy the keychains?
  2. Multispoke Production Wheels on Cybertruck in Workshop / Studio?

    It also looks like the fender flares are off the truck?
  3. Hummer Electric Pickup coming 2021
  4. Poll: Which special features will Cybertruck have?

    Well considering tesla has consolidated with Solar city and built very strong solar roof tiles, I don't think it's too far-fetched. It'd be as durable as a headlight, mirror or windshield, etc... I think the semi's mega charger is just that--but the battery and components have to be designed to...
  5. Regenerative braking while hill climbing?

    Everyone has likely heard about this dump truck that never has to charge: Has anyone been thinking about how well the Cybrtrk will regen while off-roading hills? I've seen the Engineering Explained about the...
  6. Will Tesla Cybertruck meet Musk’s performance and pricing goals?

    My guess is the pricing will be $49,000 after incentives. In CA, that would be a $2,500 check from the state and $7,500 from tax incentives from the Fed gov (if that's still the current figure). So in theory, there's $10,000 in incentives. So maybe entry price will be $59,000? In regards to the...
  7. Poll: Which special features will Cybertruck have?

    If it has a tonneau cover over the bed, do you guys think it will be lined with solar panels? Or a solar roof, maybe? Would be fairly useful for a work site, or camping...
  8. Will any of these Cybertruck renderings be accurate

    In regards to weight, do you think 500miles worth of lithium ion batteries will bump it above a half ton tow rating?
  9. Poll: Which special features will Cybertruck have?

    One thing it will have is regenerative braking. Especially important on a vehicle that might do some hill climbing. Even if the return is marginal...
  10. Poll: Which special features will Cybertruck have?

    Anyone else feeling like it could be amphibious? It seems to have a boat-like front bumper angle. Some "armored personnel transporters" are, as Musk was quoted. Not to mention, he's pitching it to the military...
  11. Poll: Which special features will Cybertruck have?

    I'd like to see a flat bed version that an overlanding camper could be attached to. That way it could be used to haul when you're not camping.