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    You tube reviewers wtf

    Yeah Zach and Jessie always post informed and honest reviews, wish the didn’t spend so much time pumping up their sponsors though.
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    You tube reviewers wtf

    I’m hoping the future will have no touch screen, simply the same as Tesla’s superchargers and just recognizes the vehicle.
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    You tube reviewers wtf

    Kyle also skewed a race to Vegas with a Porsche against other vehicles by taking advantage of other drivers range anxiety. He has been loaned lots of vehicles from VW and Ford several time and has nothing negative to say about them. BTW who paid for his trip to Stutgard?
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    You tube reviewers wtf

    I cannot get over the morons on you tube that do paid reviews of the other electric pickups and always fail to mention the shitty charging infrastructure of public charging and notably never mention the cybertruck. The guys at out of spec motors and TFL are always praising Rivian and Ford...
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    Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    I just took delivery of a model y and it’s perfect, not a single flaw anywhere so I don’t subscribe to this poor quality bs passing around. The cyber truck will have castings front and rear and structural pack so everything will fit.
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    Mice rats and wiring

    I’m curious about all these rodent problems. I live out in the rural area around Toronto and I don’t have any rodent issues. Do you guys live near a cheese factory or something or is it an American thing? Scratching my head around this one......maybe call an exterminator?
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    Actual Completion Day

    I actually find it hilarious that people spend so much time speculating about when the ct will arrive and all the variations that might come along. It will arrive when it arrives. Why do so many people waste their time, I’m sure Elon is laughing his head off at all the crazy threads and you...