1. Tesla4KShares

    Camp Kitchen (Option?)

    Anyone know if the Camp Kitchen is gonna be offered as an option? I checked out the RIvian R1T Camp Kitchen and it's pretty good. I hope the Cybertruck will offer similar options. I will buy it pretty much AT ANY PRICE. -Tesla4KShares (Tri-Motor with FSD pre-ordered)
  2. CyberTrailer for the Cybertruck. This is how I will roll.

    This is what I'll be building. Design in progress. Some preliminary details: -large ramp at the back (need to leave the cyberquad somewhere.) -150kWh pack to offset the range hit and for power when standing alone. -16 fullsize solar pannels on top. -HVAC in the top -Starlink next to HVAC -2...
  3. Should Cybertruck Camping Mode Have Self-Level Feature?

    The Cybertruck should use it's dynamic air suspension to self-level on uneven and sloped surfaces when in camping mode, this would make car camping in many places a lot more comfortable. Tweeted at Elon but I don't think he saw it :(
  4. Van Life

    I've done the whole Van Life thing with a ford Ford Transit. It was fun and I'm thinking about getting back into the life. The one thing I did not like about the life style was a lack of climate control. But, with the Cybertruck, the problem with climate control goes away. I could run the...
  5. Administrator

    Cybertruck Will Distill Water, Hints Musk!

    Did Musk just tip that the Cybertruck will be able to distill water?! He's been discussing his goal to make quiet home HVAC with HEPA & water distillation system on twitter and followed up with this tweet suggesting that "Maybe Cybertruck will have it …" :eek: Obviously, this feature would be...