1. Anyone using Montana to register? Especially CyberBeast

    I know this isn’t a $500,000 McLaren, but the tax in my state is around 6% and I know some are higher. Especially when you factor in the inspections and yearly property tax. Has anyone registered in Montana for new car purchase? What has your experience been and have you used a service?
  2. getsometom

    💥 New Product: CYBERBEAST Cerberus Vanity License Plate

    Here's your beastly companion to the Cyberbeast license plate frame to distinguish your Cyberbeast from the front compared to AWDs. Made with the same materials as the Cybertruck graffiti vanity plate, this one features the Cerberus shape laser-etched out of the gloss black aluminum plate. The...
  3. Picked up my Beast last Saturday 5/25 in Vegas & I wasn't the only one.

    Hi, first post here but been keeping tabs while I waited for delivery. My pick up was at 5PM on 5/25 and there was 4 or 5 other CTs there being picked up & a trailer with more being delivered when I left. I got a text the day before saying my CT will be ready for pick up tomorrow and to reply...
  4. getsometom

    🐺 CYBERBEAST Graffiti Stainless Steel License Plate Frame

    Introducing the CYBERBEAST graffiti stainless steel license plate frame to show off your proud beastly lineage. 🐺🐺🐺 Similar to the available Cybertruck graffiti and the silhouette frames, the CYBERBEAST graffiti is laser etched onto a matte black powder coated stainless steel frame. Mounting...
  5. BeFamousVideo

    Frictionless Beast Delivery Today (without humans)

    Today is Beast delivery day (RN1127560XX, VIN 09XXX). All tasks have been completed in the app. After which a text message from Tesla see below. No hoopla, smoke, light shows or cheering for me. But I'll take it just the same. Below is frictionless delivery they are doing in Irvine, CA. I have...
  6. Price decreased when in Edit design page

    Apologies if this had been posted, when I go into edit design the price of the truck is 6k less than the price in my order agreement. Am I missing something?
  7. Cyberbeast Gets Premium Platinum Throttle Pedal Rivet

    ;) 20,000 times better than the black one.
  8. Is Cabin Overheat Protection not working?

    113F interior despite 100F ceiling limit.
  9. gbox

    Cyberbeast with XPEL PPF Gloss Slack + tint + custom color Cerberus (Ukrainian Flag) and yellow Foundation Series logos

    Really excited to share I just got my Cyberbeast back from Protective Film Solutions in Santa Ana and I am so happy with how it came out. Since I have to park outside, I had to get ppf (Xpel Gloss Black), Xpel Tint 35%, with ceramic coating and I asked for a custom Ukrainian color cyberbeast...
  10. CyberJet

    Tri Motors teardown (Cybertruck CyberBeast) video by Sandy Munro

    I'm curious and I asked him in the youtube comments if their was anything noticeable with the motors or powertrain or something else that might be the reason its motor and powertrain noise is louder than other teslas and EVs. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts, after watching the video on it...

    CyberBEAST professionally tracked by Craig Coker from Unplugged Performance -- POV & review / takeaways

    This was EPIC! It was WILD! It was AWESOME! "Man, there's a lot more power in this car [CyberBEAST], than the Dual Motor, you can feel it in the rear." - Craig Coker from Unplugged Performance!
  12. Sabet

    I took delivery of my CyberBeast and doodled all over it!

    Last Friday I took delivery of the beast and doodled all over it (using posca acrylic markers) in the Tesla Parking lot. Surprisingly the Tesla staff was real cool about it and even helped me clean some of it when I needed help! Pretty amazing experience and I’m loving the truck!!
  13. Technigogo

    I now own a Cyberbeast!

    On Wednesday of last week, I got the email with a VIN number, and they scheduled my delivery for Friday the 29th. I did not see the email until about 1 PM. I then realized I missed several phone calls from Tesla. I put them off until Saturday, partly because I didn't think I could get all the...
  14. Wisconsinites

    Looking for my Wisconsinites out there that might have already took a delivery on their cyber truck. Here are my stats. What are yours? Order date 2/2/24 Order # RN112827*** Cyberbeast FS Thanks!
  15. Can I designate someone else to take delivery of my Cybertruck for me?

    I finally got the VIN, and then a call from Tesla to pick up my CT in Texas, but the problem is that I am out of the country. They told me that in Texas only the owner can pick up the truck, which I found surprising. Does anyone has experience with someone else picking up your brand new car in...

    PowerShare Appointment Scheduling for CyberBeast!

    QUESTION: Anyone know how to follow up on the PowerShare installation appointment? I took delivery of my CyberBeast on March 7, 2024. They emailed me and said I am eligible (Back on January 10, 2024), but I haven't heard from anyone, been checking my phone for missed calls nothing... Anyone...

    TESLA is NOT HONEST about FREE supercharging miles…

    I used about 99kWh and added about 210 miles to my Cybertruck (CyberBeast configuration). Yet, Tesla changed me "307 miles" of my 2000 FREE Supercharging Miles. I guess it's calculated by kWh? Does Tesla declare ANYWHERE? how they calculate the credits for the "Free Supercharging Miles?"
  18. New School vs Old School

    2024 Tesla Foundation Series Cyberbeast $130,000 USD Tri-Motor 92 MPGe 845 HP 2.6 s 0-60 11,000 lbs towing 2,500 lbs payload AWD Front lockers (coming soon) Rear power independent Adjustable Air Suspension 35” tires 2016 Ram 1500 Sport [Limited Edition] $50,000 USD ($64k Adj. for inflation)...
  19. TexasRaider

    Ventilated Seat

    Are ventilated seats an option with the CT? (I don’t believe they are currently, but Tesla is now offering them on other models so putting it out here.)